Karcher 5.800 C Steam Cleaner Review

I hinted at a new Ambassadors role at the beginning of the year in my 2013 round up post.  I can now reveal what it is.

I have joined 9 others to become “Karcher Clean Ambassadors”. 

How exciting is that?

This means I will be showing you some of the most popular cleaning products from this well known brand as well as introducing you to some of the new additions during the course of the year.

Our first review is of the Karcher 5.800 C Steam Cleaner, now if you are a regular reader of our blog you may remember our review of the small model the 2.500 C (you can see that review here).

Here is the largest steam cleaner Karcher currently make:

Karcher, Steam Cleaner, SC 5.800 C, review, Karcher Clean Ambassador
The main difference between this and the smaller version is the tank size and the temperature control on the top.
With the small one you fill with water, turn on, wait for it to heat up and then you’re ready to use.  The 5.800 has a steam control attached meaning you can control the amount of steam you need dependent on where you are cleaning – i.e. a lower level of steam for wooden floors and higher for bathroom and  kitchen floors (generally the dirtier areas which need more steam).
This steam cleaner has a huge water tank meaning I can actually clean all of my downstairs without having to refill again – I’ve a large front-room with wooden flooring, tiles shower-room/toilet and a very large tiled kitchen floor to clean.
Another difference to the large model is you need to plug the hose into the front of the unit, I find this very useful as Emmy like to help with the cleaning, so I leave this unattached which the tank heats up meaning she won’t be able to hurt herself accidently, however if it were attached there is a child lock on the handle which means she couldn’t accidently burn herself (a big fear for any parent).
I love the fact this comes with extra terry cloths, 3 for the hand tool and 3 for the floor cleaning tool – this means I am able to still use the steam cleaner while washing the dirty cloths.
The reach on this is amazing meaning by using the extension pole I can clean my kitchen windows without having to climb onto a chair, I can clean the mirror over my bath which usually I have to stand on the edge of the bath to clean and it’s meant I have been able to clean the coving and the ceiling in the bathroom and all of the bathroom tiles. 
I’ve also been on a bit of a cleaning mission the last few weeks and have use this to clean on top of the wardrobes (that’s a job which has not been done in almost 10 years and I’m not sure how long before that!).  The kitchen cupboards have been cleaned out using this, the outsides of the doors too! and it’s made cleaning the mirrors on my wardrobe doors very easy.
Karcher, Steam Cleaner, SC 5.800 C, review, Karcher Clean Ambassador
As tidy as my bedroom gets – and I did have to pull the kids from jumping
on the bed for the photo!
It copes well with all I’ve thrown at it and I haven’t had to use any cleaning products either as the steam does it’s job on it’s own.
I’ve also discovered that it is rather good at breathing life back into my carpets!  As I said I have been on a mission – well after dismantling our bed (as you do) to hoover under it, it smelt dusty still, it had been a little while since it was done properly (as in taking the bed fully apart to get in all the little spots a hoover can’t reach) and as our dog sleeps under the bed I decided to remove the terry cloth and to steam the carpets. 
Karcher, Steam Cleaner, SC 5.800 C, review, Karcher Clean Ambassador
Steam in action
It did a fantastic job and while it’s not a carpet cleaner and won’t pull up the water, I made sure not to leave in once place for too long so as not to soak the floors.  It refreshed my carpets beautifully, pulled up the pile and left them looking much cleaner, as well as killing any bugs which may have been hiding down there.  While I was at it I gave the mattresses all a good steam too!
My steam cleaner is my MOST used household item ever – next to my slow cooker!
This cleaner is on the heavy side and at £369.24 it’s not one you would buy to just clean floors with – however it does all jobs in one so if you need a multi purpose steam cleaner I can highly recommend this.
It stores away nicely although on the bulky side, all attachments fit into a little cubby hole on the top and there is a parking hook for the pole when not in use.  I would love to see a cord retractor on this though as currently there is nowhere to store it except winding around the poles when not in use.
This Steam Cleaner is available from www.karcher.co.uk and you can also find and follow them on Facebook, YouTube, G+ and Twitter.
Disclaimer: We received this product free of charge as part of our Ambassadors programme, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


54 thoughts on “Karcher 5.800 C Steam Cleaner Review

    1. Lol. I know I'm crazy….I'm like a woman obsesses currently.
      If you do 1st thing in the morning and leave the windows open its fine. Obviously don't soak them but a little freshening up will help kill the bed bugs :/

  1. I currently have a wood all over my house but in case of buying our very first house this looks like a good buy as wooden floor drives me crazy and I need carpet somewhere 🙂

  2. AWESOME! I have heard fab things about these ones – I have a cheapy one which I use just for the kitchen floor but something that could do the dreaded bathroom sounds epic!

  3. If you use it as much as I use my slow cooker then it is worth the investment. I am slightly scared of steam cleaning as I just don't know what on earth I am doing but you make it look much easier than I imagined 🙂

  4. Looks really good – I have looked at buying this actually as we could do with one, and it's cheaper than replacing carpet… Their window "vacuum" cleaner is AWESOME and worth every penny.

  5. Wow the carpet looks fab, I worry about storing these but from waht you say its great. Congrats on being their ambassador, looks as if they made a good choice.

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