New look laptop – Wrappz #review

Do you have a boring black laptop front?

I did! The boring Acer laptop front – or at least I used to.

Recently I was offered a wrappz skin of my choice from  Wrappz are custom made sticker skins which you can create or many of your own devices very easily.

I chose a skin for my 16″ Acer laptop.

I was really amazed at just how easy it was to create a perfect skin in only a matter of minutes.

Firstly you chose the skin you want to create – I chose the Acer Aspire Timeline 15.6 wrappz as that’s my laptop.

Wrappz, acer laptop skin, review,

You then add the images you would like.  You are able to chose your own from your computer, use stock images, slogans, artists images, add funny faces or combine a few of the above.

I combined ‘our images’ with my own images to create my new laptop cover.

Wrappz, acer laptop skin, review,

I started by positioning the background image where I wanted it – it was too big for my cover however anything outside of the black lines won’t get printed so I ensured the hearts and swirls were where I wanted them before continuing.

Next I over-laid my cartoon pictures of Emmy and Harry over the top – very similar to my blog header and viola! My finished skin – perfect in around 5 minutes flat.

This sized laptop skin costs £12.99 + £2.50 delivery (or £6.95 or next day delivery).

Mine arrived 2 days after making this online with clear instructions on how to place it properly.

Basically it involved peeling the sticker from the sheet and carefully placing in the correct position – smooth over and it’s done. Very quick and easy.

Wrappz, acer laptop skin, review,

I love it!  It looks great.

What do you think?

Wrappz have a special offer just for YOU – would you like a FREE phone skin? 
Then head over and design your own, enter code freeskin and just pay postage.  There are a huge selection of skins for different makes of phones so hopefully yours is on the list – have a look here.

Disclaimer: I received my skin for free in exchange for a review, all thoughts are my own unbiased views.

23 thoughts on “New look laptop – Wrappz #review

  1. It looks ace! I'd love to do something like this to my laptop but it has a slightly textured surface so I'm not sure it would work.
    Thanks for linking up this week 🙂

  2. We have tried Wrappz before, and I was very impressed with the speed and quality. The laptop skin looks very cool, and the colours are nice and bright! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Such a fab way to make a dull ol' laptop more personal. Sadly I've already got a hardcore toddler-proof (and accident-prone mummy-proof) phone cover so can't take advantage of the phone skin offer.

  4. Ohh that looks fab! I didn't know they did laptop covers as well!!
    I thought they just did phone covers and mugs!!
    Thanks I've took advantage of the code…My fella will be happy 🙂

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