Learn to Write with Bigjigs Toys – Review

As a Play Patrol agent we recently received another package , so donning her play patrol T-shirt Emmy set about unwrapping her parcel.

This is what Emmy received from Bigjigs Toys:

Bigjigs Toys, Play Patrol, Learn to write, www.emmysmummy.com

It’s called Learn to Write and is a wooden board with lower case letters on it, the letters are recessed with directional arrows on them.

The idea is that your child follows the letters with their fingers and this helps teach them how to write their alphabet.

This is priced at £9.99.  The letters are highly coloured and the spacing of is perfect for children’s fingers to trace the letter shapes.

As  parent I can see this being useful in a school environment or used in conjunction with what is taught at school but I’m not convinced for a home environment if I’m honest, I can’t see it being used very much.

Emmy on the other hand isn’t as keen on this I’m afraid to say. 

Bigjigs Toys, Play Patrol, Learn to write, www.emmysmummy.com

I can see why as it means she has to sit still, concentrate and has no reward at the end.

I have managed to get her to trace her name, Harry’s name and we are using it with her to learn her alphabet.  She will trace the letters and can use is to identify the letters in her name when asked to point to them.

To make it a little more interesting for Emmy I gave her some white paper and a crayon and showed her how to rub over the board to find the letters – she thought this was great fun.

I then when over the letters to write her name but what happened next was AMAZING – she took the crayon and started to try to copy the letters I had drawn.

I’m so impressed and proud of her – just look what she managed to do:

Bigjigs Toys, Play Patrol, learn to write, writing of a 3.5 year old, www.emmysmummy.com

It may be hard to see from the picture but she has made a great attempt at the e, a fantastic m and a good I – my clever girl!!  I may be biased though – what do you think?

Emmy received this as part of our Play Patrol assignment, all thoughts are my own.

You can find more educational and wooden toys over on the website: www.bigjigstoys.co.uk or follow on Facebook or Twitter

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