Limited Edition Pringles – New Flavours

Last weekend I received a parcel.
Nothing new there your probably thinking,  and you’re right….
However this was a parcel with a difference.
It contained food!
Crisps to be precise – Pringles.
But not just your average Pringles…new flavours, and limited editions too, available for a short period of time only.

New flavour Pringles
Do you like the look of them?
The new flavours are Cinnamon and Mint Choc.
Having tried them I can’t say I’m very keen on the Cinnamon at all however the Mint Choc are rather tasty – they definitely grew on me, I wasn’t sure to start with but by the end of the packet I was left wanting more.
Will you be trying them? Which do you think you will like?
Disclaimer: I was sent 2 tubes of the new flavoured Pringles one of which is beautifully personalised with my blog details – that will be kept as I love it. 

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