Milestones: 1st tooth lost

It’s inevitable,  a sign of growing up and a sign my baby is no longer a baby.
On Friday Emmy came home saying her tooth hurt her.  After much persuasion I managed to get a glimpse and we discovered a wobbly tooth.

Then of course the tears came as she didn’t like it and didn’t want it to be wobbly.
It’s a strange feeling a wobbly tooth, I remember myself when I was young, the inability to stop playing with it, having to wobble it, poking it with your tongue and not wanting to eat anything hard.
A dose of Calpol and an easy to eat tea of fish pie and it was soon forgotten.
It was only when brushing her teeth at bedtime tonight we discovered this….

My big girl has lost her very first tooth at the age of 5, and it really is lost!  It may have been the Apple for pudding tonight but it’s gone.
We’ve written the Tooth Fairy a letter and a very excited girl has just gone to sleep after declaring she was staying up all night for a glimpse of the Fairy.
Thank goodness she was very tired.
That’s another milestone checked off our list and my baby is getting big.

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31 thoughts on “Milestones: 1st tooth lost

  1. aw , i actually remember losing my first tooth all excited to put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy then in all the excitement i lost it down a drain running home , x

  2. We have nearly lost teeth a couple of times, but so far we have managed to get them all without them being swallowed. H lost one on the rugby pitch (not because of the game) and one at school.

  3. Wow that is really young! Mind you, we are the opposite end of the spectrum with baby teeth getting pulled at 16 as they were not coming out!!

  4. Kaycee was really upset when she lost one of her teeth at school. She didn't believe me that the tooth fairy would still leave her some money. She was very relived when she found the pound the next day!

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