How to Get the Kids Involved with Christmas Decorations

that time of year again. The high-street will soon be sound
tracked with cheesy Christmas pop songs (some are already) and the time for that
last-minute shop is getting less and less.

you haven’t already started, now’s the time to start thinking
about how to decorate your house for the holidays. Getting your kids
involved is a great way to get them excited for the build-up, but
you’ll need some kid-friendly jobs around the house that they can
do. Here’s a few ideas.

Cup Lights

is an important part of creating the mood at any time of year. To
help save money over the festive period,
try simply running a colourful LED light through a string full of
paper cups for an easy, DIY way to add a little character to your
home. Your kids can each decorate the kids using glitter, stickers,
or their own drawings to add their own personality to the mix. Use
two cups painted gold, a ribbon, and a little holly to create your
own Christmas bells.

Bauble Basket

some leftover Christmas tree baubles or ornaments? Sit them in a
basket and thread a few lines of fairy lights through the gaps. You
can find these at online outlets like Bulbs2Go.The
light will reflect off of the metallic surfaces in any number of
wonderfully unique ways to create a new kind of light fixture. Try
placing it by the fireplace or in a corner of a room to provide some
accent lighting in the space.

Card Display

year we get more cards than we know what to do with. Rather than just
lining them along the mantelpiece, why don’t you and the family try
hanging them along some Christmas lights in an empty frame instead?
This creates a much more unique display. You can add a wreath, your
favourite family photos, and write a seasonal message or two to make
it all the more personal for when your guests arrive.

Christmas Tree

tree is the most important part of any Christmas motif so why not
have more than one? No, I  don’t mean bringing in another conifer
from outside. You can make your own tree instead by outlining the
shape with some LED lighting. Place a few stick on decorations along
the wall with it and you’ve got your very own DIY Christmas tree.
The kids will love having their version in their rooms.

Decorating the Tree
We will be putting up our Christmas tree on the 2nd of December when it is delivered.  This year we will be having a real tree for the first time since before the children were born. 
I loved our real tree when we first had one – the smell that filled the house was wonderful and adding presents under the tree seems just a little more special when it is real.
The children haven’t had this joy yet and I can’t wait to surprise them when they come home from school and we can decorate it together adding our decorations and lights.  I just love the look of a room with the lights lowered and the Christmas tree lights on (of course I add a timer to our lights at home so that I never forget to turn them off at night when we are in bed).
Our tree is coming from Pines and Needles and I have a very special reader offer I can share with you which will give you £10 off your purchase as well as a special gift pack (Mini Tree/ Holly & Mistletoe).  To take advantage of this offer please enter the code EM15 at checkout

you started decorating your home in time for the holidays? Let me
know about some of your own ideas in the comments below.


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