Mother’s Day Meme

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all those Mummies, Mummies-to-be – I hope you all managed to smile and share some special family time yesterday.

Now I have been tagged by the lovely Fiona from Coombe Mill to complete this Mother’s Day meme. Now for those of you who don’t know Fiona – not only is she a fantastic Mummy to 6 (yes 6 – she has triplets in that mix too), she is a super-mum too running their own family business and finds time to blog too!

My Mother’s Day was lovely – I was treated to a nice relaxing lie-in by Paul taking Emmy out to see his own Mum (OK I had to wake him up to tell him Emmy was awake and get Emmy’s clothes out first but I did go back to sleep)

They were gone for ages allowing me a few extra hours sleep, a nice bath and even enough time to tidy the bedroom and do 2 loads of washing – I just can’t help myself, things need doing.

I then lay down again watching Sunday morning TV and was presented with a card and a McBreakfast in bed

Then after lots of playing with my princess, we snuggled on the sofa and she fell asleep on me – bliss, now what is a Mummy to do when this happens, of course pop on Diagnosis Murder and snooze on the sofa too!

Then a lovely roast dinner and falling asleep early – early pregnancy does that to you – I can bearly keep my eyes open these days.

Now onto the Meme – Fiona has asked me some questions which I will now answer:

Describe Motherhood in 3 words:
Rewarding, Exciting, Fullfilling

What is the hardest thing about being a Mum?
Saying No! I find it so much easier at work but when Emmy cries or gives me puppy dog eyes and says “Please Mummy” my heart melts

What’s the best thing?
Knowing she trusts me fully to know best and to keep her safe – although that’s also the scariest thing about being a Mum too.

How has it changed you?
Well “Me time” is now a complete thing of the past, and rare are full nights sleep! I’ve become more sensible and enjoy family time now instead of in the pub drinking time – although nights out are welcomed still, just rarer than they used to be.

What do you hope for your children?
For Emmy – I hope she grows up to be kind and caring and then I will be proud whatever she choses to do in life.
For Bubs – To arrive safe and sound – happy and healty, for now that’s all I can hope for.

What do you fear for them?
The list is far too long – the world is a scary place and if they are ever hurt by something or someone then they will have me to answer to! 

What makes it all worthwhile?
All the sleepless nights, nursing coughs, colds, bugs, teething and even temper tantrums are made worthwhile by a hug, kiss or those special words “I love you Mummy”.

I am now tagging these Mummies to share their Mother’s Day and to answer these questions:

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5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Meme

  1. Emmy is a lucky girl, such lovely answers. I hope for a happy and safe arrival of bubs too! Glad you had a relaxing day and hope you will be treated to more, especially while you are feeling tired, your body has a lot of work to do! Thank you for the kind intoduction x

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