Munch Bunch Launch 30% Less Sugar Fromage Frais #MBGoodstuff

I don’t know about you but my children’s diet is usually one of my biggest concerns.  Are they eating enough, is what they are eating good enough?  Are they getting the correct nutrients and vitamins?

Do you know what?

As a parent it’s all very confusing but mainly if they are happy then I am happy.  I’m not one of these parents who won’t allow sweets, they are even allowed fizzy drinks on special occasions, what I do try to ensure though is they eat a well balanced diet.

There is plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables available for them – Emmy will happily eat her body weight in carrots, broccoli and strawberries, while Harry’s current favourites are beetroot, avocado and tomatoes.  I feel I must be doing something right!

I’m currently working with Munch Bunch on their ‘It’s Good Stuff’ Campaign.

Munch Bunch is now offering parents even more choice in the good stuff you can give children with new, unique Munch Bunch 30% Less Sugar.  The pioneering move means Munch Bunch is the only children’s brand to introduce a low sugar variant to sit alongside its popular creamy tasting Munch Bunch Fromage Frais small pots range, made with all natural ingredients.

The children are huge fromage frais and yogurt fans – they are their dessert of choice (after ice-cream of course) so I was very keen to see what they thought of the new 30% less sugar fromage frais’ – well the proof they say is in the pudding so just see for yourselves!

Emmy is going through a ‘don’t photo me stage’ I’m afraid (not good for a bloggers daughter so that needs to pass quickly!) but as you can see Harry loved it, infact as always they both devoured 2 and then asked for more, I do however have a limit on only 2 in one sitting, even with less sugar.

Munch Bunch 30% Less Sugar is the lowest sugar fruit fromage frais for children you can buy, contains less than one teaspoon of sugar per pot and is made with all natural ingredients. All Munch Bunch dairy products are made with fruit puree and contain no artificial sweeteners, colours nor preservatives.  Now you can have more choice over your child’s sugar intake, without compromising on taste.

Now that I know both Emmy and Harry will happily eat these and the taste is just as good as the regular type I will be switching over to these in future especially as they are exactly the same price as the originals too!

For further information visit:

 As part of my on-going collaboration with Munch Bunch we will be bringing you films and nature trial trips for which filming took place over half term (we missed the filming but you will spot a few famililar faces including the lovely Angellica Bell).

There will also be a Twitter chat coming up shortly with Angellica Bell which we will be joining in with but I will bring you details of that closer to the time so you don’t miss out.

Do let us know if you try this new product and what your thoughts are.  Are you concerned about your child’s sugar intake and do you feel these products are a good way to help lower the amount they are eating?

“This post is sponsored by Lactalis Nestle Chilled Dairy”


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18 thoughts on “Munch Bunch Launch 30% Less Sugar Fromage Frais #MBGoodstuff

  1. we have always been for as long as i can remember a munch bunch family, never fail to enjoy one of the many ranges they have x

  2. I am.just like you! I allow probably too many treats and sweets but my kids have a very varied diet and love fruit, veg, fresh meat so I am happy. Gracie loves Munch Bunch so I am sure we will be buying these soon. Shame Zach can't eat them!

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