My Baby is 2!

How on earth did the past 2 years just fly by?
I’ve blinked and missed so much, yet on the other hand so much has captured.  Thanks to our blog every memory, every milestone and even the mishaps have been recorded.  Nothing has been missed and that was the sole aim of setting up our little corner of the internet over 3 years ago now. 
I would love my kids to look back one day on all of these memories recorded for them and to cherish them as much as I do.  To relive them and to remember the fun we have on a daily basis.
On Sunday Harry turned 2!
He was first mentioned within these pages when I revealed our secret at 8 weeks pregnant.
This was his first picture:
His birth was announced on these pages while I was still in recovery after his planned C-section, with his first baby picture displayed (Forward planning came into play there and a very good friend who published the almost pre-written post for me).
We spread his birthday treats out over two days.  On the Saturday for tea we took him to Pizza Express where he was a very big boy and sat nicely on a big boys chair for nearly all of our meal!  Amazing – usually he gets bored and keeps getting down, it is however amazing the power a mirror, stickers and watching your dinner being cooked has – Oh and flirting with the little girl behind you, he starts young.
On the Sunday he actually slept in!  It would appear that 2 year olds like sleep – now if he could teach his 4 year old sister I would be very grateful!
He slowly opened his presents, infact he did what Emmy used to do, open one present and then play with it before starting on the next.  Emmy of course kept trying to make him open more.
I had planned to cook him his favourite breakfast of scrambled eggs with beans, whoever I had forgotten those when shopping in the week – party food was higher on my list so a McBreakfast it was all around, not that anyone complained.
A lazy morning followed playing with his new toys. (I wrote about what we bought him last week).
A little over whelmed and unsure of what was going on he was a little cuddly for a while, too excited to sleep but desperately needing a little nap.
We had a small family party with his grandparents, uncle and cousin and later on his godmother came to visit.
It’s really hard to believe he is now 2 but he does seem to have grown up over night and now I have to stop pretending he is a baby still and make that call to pre-school to book his taster day for after Christmas.

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6 thoughts on “My Baby is 2!

  1. What a lovely day. A big Happy Birthday to your lovely little boy. I always slightly dread Z turning another year older but the Twos were so much fun!

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