Our secret garden

Emmy is mad about fairies, ever since the arrival of her fairy door in her bedroom the love began.
We introduced that when we were about to start taking her dodo away (dummy), now she talks to the fairies through her door which is very cute.
During a recent visit to Poundland to spend some vouchers we were sent as part of our Ambassadors role, Emmy’s eye was caught by a garden gnome and a tiny teacup on a stick in the gardening section.
Grabbing a small selection gardening bits we decided we would create a secret garden at home.
The same day we went for a long walk with our dog as we often do, heading to the woods to climb trees.  While in the woods I discovered an old car tyre which had been dumped in there.  It was flat which is why it had been dumped so useless to anyone however I had an idea – they say “someone else’s junk is another mans treasure” after all! 
I asked Paul to wheel it home – thankfully he is used to my crazy idea so happily did.
Today we cleared a corner of the garden and started filling our tyre with soil.  I had some soil left over from last year, I had planned to plant more seeds this year however Harry had other ideas and as soon as I planted anything he pulled them out – so I gave up.
The kids both had great fun using their spades to shovel dirt into the tyre.
We then added a wicker border we picked up in Poundland around the inside of the tyre and began adding our other garden decorations.
The kids loved choosing where to place the decorations.  We added the gnome and teacup as well as other accessories we have around the house – a little fairy house and fairy we already had, a few shells we found on the beach this week, coloured gravel from our fish tank and a few tiny toadstools.
We love the end result and it cost less than £5 by using items from Poundland’s garden section and items we had around the house!
Disclaimer:  As Poundland Ambassadors we were sent vouchers to spend and asked to use our imaginations with how we used them.  This was our second post – you can also read about our top 10 cheap or free garden activities.



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17 thoughts on “Our secret garden

  1. What a cute idea! My little man would love something like that as well. I brought a few big pebbles from Cornwall this month, and was planning to do a little feature, might steal your idea.

  2. Great fun and perfect for expanding imaginative play. I have a fairy Garden off the car park now and all the little girls Emmy's age just adore it. Your tyre version is so clever. Don't forget to add it to Country Kids.

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