Bumkins Super Bib

Funky designs making messy meal times fun. Emmy has been sent a lovely Bumkins Super Bib to test out this week which is great as she is a rather messy eater so we were ready to put it through it’s paces. “Bumkins’ top-selling waterproof bibs are made from a soft, lightweight fabric that is trulyRead more

Pasta Play

“Don’t play with your food, eat it.”  Hands up who has said it to their child?  I know I have numerous times both at home and when I was working. Today we are breaking all the rules and having a Teddy bears picnic with coloured pasta. What you need: Dry pasta (we are using 3Read more

Bad weather stops play – sponsered abseil

The weather has been quite nice all week, we have been in the garden lots and Emmy and I were even cutting the grass at 6pm last night before having a waterfight then bath time. Why does it alway happen when you make plans to be outside that it rains? Just as when I goRead more

Chocolate Krispie Cakes

Daddy (Paul) was busy working on my computer the other day and Emmy being Emmy kept making a bee line for it, so quick distraction was needed. First thoughts were fairy cakes, however we had run out of eggs so Chocolate Krispie cakes it was. What you need: Large bar of cooking chocolate                                  OpinionalRead more

Snugabub – I really wish I had discovered these sooner

v:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} w:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);} I have to admit I had never heard of Snugabub before, a product of the Bumpsters range, until a friend recommended them to me and I really wish I had heard of them sooner. I’m sure you are wondering what is Snugabub? In my opinion it isRead more

Rainbow Fish Handprint Cards

Emmy kept pointing to the paints today, stamping her feet as she couldn’t reach (thank goodness) and as I had promised her painting today she was obviously reminding me again. I like to keep a stock of home-made cards made by Emmy for birthdays and occassions, our stock has finally run out so was timeRead more

Entertaining Emmy

Having children is expensive enough, all those nappies, new clothes, toys and the shoes…wow, i thought i had a lot of shoes but i’m sure at this rate Emmy will have far more than me, she is on pair number 8 already this year. (there may have been more but i’ve stopped counting now). AsRead more

Happy Hopperz Review

**Post contains affiliate links** I have been lucky enough to trial a blue Bull Happy Hopperz with my little girl, and it has been fun for all the family. Happy Hopperz are a modern take on the much-loved Space hopper, a large robust inflatable bouncer. This design is much improved on the classic hopper asRead more

Sunshine Buggy Hooks – A must have for every buggy

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve popped to the shops for bread and milk only to forget myself and over-fill a basket with essentials – only to then remember that I left the car at home and walked with the buggy. We have all done it! I’m sure you have tried toRead more