Personalised Wine for Valentines – Review

Opening my email as always one morning I was very happy to receive this one asking if I would like to review wine?  Do they know me that well, it was 9am and it had been a long sleep night ….would I like wine?  Oh course I would, I would love a crate of it but that wasn’t on offer….maybe next time?

Well it must have been early in the morning as when asked what I would like to personalise my bottle with I chose this…

This is a Personalised Wine bottle with a Pewter label on which I have chosen to have engraved with

To Paul
Happy Valentine’s
With Love
Because lets face it I can be a soppy bugger at times and now means I won’t need to buy him a present (I just hope he doesn’t read this or my plan won’t work).

I’ve chosen an Australian Shiraz which is from the Personalised Gifts section of and costs £34.99.  I can’t tell you what the wine tastes like as I’ve hidden this away but can say the engraving looks good and the Pewter label gives it the extra special touch.  I’m sure Paul will be happy with it….maybe enough to cook me dinner? A girl can hope can’t she.  You have a choice of wines available to choose when personalising this wine and it could say anything you like….how about proposing with an engraved bottle of your favourite wine?

What will you be doing for valentine’s day?

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