Post holiday washing begins

We had an amazing time at Butlins, the weather was great for the first 3 days which allowed us to do all of the outdoor activities which we wanted to.
Upon arrival Emmy spotted the carousel before we had even unpacked or parked the car and after being SO well behaved in the car during our 2 hour journey she wanted to go on straight away, and we weren’t going to stop her. Daddy took her on while I got Harry out of the car and fed him.
They then went on to enjoy the helter skelter a few times before deciding they were so cold that we had better go and check into the hotel and have a cuppa to warm up.
We enjoyed the outside fun as much as we could and the carousel and playground were a huge hit with Emmy, even Harry could enjoy the carousel by going in a carriage with me and Emmy.
Being outside in March even when the sun is shining meant lots of layers,  we all pretty much lived in our favourite jeans as they were warm and wrapped up in vests, tops, jumpers, coats, hats and gloves when needed as we were by the sea after all which meant that extra breeze blowing across the holiday park.

All those layers means I’m now on washing load number 3 but I’m almost finished, I hope! Getting it all dry is another matter in itself and my radiator is currently sporting jeans for women, men and 2 children’s sizes as they take the longest to dry. We had amazing time and I’ll have a few more posts soon telling you all about it.
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