Pregnancy update – 30 weeks

Now where did the time go? This final part is flying.  The first 12 weeks really dragged however now the weeks are running away and honestly I’m beginning to worry I may run out of time before all is ready and sorted.

The sickness FINALLY eased and then left at 24/25 weeks, it eased up to only a few times a day by 22 weeks then and got better and then left – yes I also celebrated the NO more sickness but didn’t want to push my luck.

I had my GTT at 26 weeks which didn’t go well.  I had to fast from 9pm then have my bloods done at the hospital, however when I arrived they were understaffed so instead of my appointment being in the maternity ward I had to upstairs to where they normally take the bloods – not a problem however they hadn’t given me a proper blood test form (I’ve never needed one before when going to maternity for this test), so had to go back down to maternity to have a midwife fill out a proper form for me, then back up for bloods – which meant re-queueing a little again so instead of my appointment being at 9.10am I had the first bloods taken at 10.15am and two foul cups of glucose drink.  Of course then comes a 2 hour wait, luckily I had a good book, however after just over an hour I fainted and had the embarrassment of being wheeled through to a room in a wheelchair where I was made to lay down with my feet up.  The bloods taken at the correct time but with a cup of sweet tea given to me straight after, and of course a race to the hospital cafe for a sandwich after.

The results came back fine thankfully and my 28 week appointment brought no surprises except I was measuring 27 weeks, whereas at this stage with Emmy I was measuring 30 weeks.

My next appointment is on 28th August where I will have the 1st of 3 growth scans before heading straight in to see the consultant where he hopefully will make a final decision as to whether it’s to be a c-section or a natural birth.

I’m struggling to sleep now, movements are constant and he is awake quite a lot and I’m being kicked loads.  He is also transverse however there is loads of time for that to change.  I’m also feeling HUGE and have put on 1st 3oz:

30 weeks baby bump, ( baby boy bump 30 weeks

14 days to go until our next appointment and scan, then another scan 2 weeks after that and a final one 2 weeks later at 36 weeks.

We have this week started to clear the junk room which will be the nursery – this will take rather a long time as ALL junk, suitcases, Emmy’s old clothes as well as all baby bits have been dumped in this room.  It may well be done before baby arrives – I hope so.

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