Project 365, Photo round up week 5

It’s getting easier to remember to take these pictures now, although what I do keep forgetting is what day I am up to and I have a feeling it will be harder now we are in February!

Day 26

We got our craft on today and made Valentine’s Day cards using beads and our Cricut.  You can see our tutorial of how we made it here.

Day 27

Harry is beginning to love stories just as much as we all do.  Today I caught him in Emmy’s room with his feet up looking through her story books.  Far too cute not to capture.´╗┐

Day 28

Two poorly children, both unhappy until a new toy was produced!  I had bought this second hand for a few pounds for Christmas for them, however when wrapping I realised just how much they already had so put aside for a rainy day.  They played for hours with this and we have built some wonderful creations over the course of the week.

Day 29

I just hate it when they are poorly.  A horrid cold has floored them both and this was how they spent the entire day.

Day 30

Dinner anyone? Egyptian style meatballs were on the menu tonight – you can find my recipe here, they really are tasty.

Day 31

We’ve been stuck indoors all week through illness and the kids are bored.  Out came out sand & Water table which I filled with warm soapy water and shaped pasta and they have great fun.

Day 32

It was a Duplo kind of afternoon today – the kids spent ages playing nicely together and Emmy built herself a Duplo jail for all the naughty people to go in.

When I asked her who the “naughty people” were?  She replied:

“They are the ones who don’t give me chocolate buttons”

Be warned everyone – come armed with chocolate buttons or you’ll end up in jail!!

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18 thoughts on “Project 365, Photo round up week 5

  1. Well done on bringing the sand and water table inside, we've done that a fair few times because otherwise when do they get to play with these types of things?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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