Roast Lamb arrives at Toby Carvery (finally)

I love nothing more than a roast dinner, it doesn’t have to be a Sunday and we often have a mini one here mid-week just because it’s a favourite for us all.

The downside to a roast aside from just how long it takes me to prepare it all and then wash up the million and one pans that are needed for all the trimming we like to have with it, is we all like different meats and when cooking at home you really don’t want to be preparing more than one, so there is usually someone who moans when it’s served up.

Combatting this we tend to head to Toby Carvery for a roast at least once a month, a treat for us all but mainly me as I get to enjoy my favourite meal and not have to cook and clean it all myself (Paul doesn’t cook).

I’m sure you all know that Toby Carvery offers 4 different types of meats every single day – well that’s now changed and every Sunday you’ll find 5 on the menu with the addition of Roast Lamb.

We got the chance to try it ahead of it appearing in all Toby restaurants and it really didn’t disappoint – Lamb is one of my favourites but as Paul doesn’t like it its not something I cook at home.

Apologises – it’s impossible to get food plated to look photo-worthy when in a queue of hungry people

The kids happily tried it with me and they have also declared it delicious and something they have already asked for again, so maybe I will have to add to our menu at home every now and then…or perhaps just head out to dinner more often!

We visited the Buckhurst Hill branch, not one I have been to previously, but one I’ll be heading back to very soon. It has a decent sized free car park and is quite a large restaurant, meaning that you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a table – of course, pre-booking on weekends always helps.

This is probably the friendliest branch we’ve visited in a while with all the staff smiling and chatting away – even when the kids were noisy, they happily fetched colouring for them, and when the fizzy drinks machine ran out of coke they got it filled very quickly, and then went to our table and filled our glasses for us as we were in the food queue by that time – they, of course, didn’t have to do that but it was very welcomed indeed (they found me in the queue to ask which drinks we were wanting and if ice/flavourings were wanted).

As with all Toby Carveries, you can go back for more vegetables should you want to…..we’ve never needed to but it is always nice to know that if the kids forget something or change their minds and actually do want peas etc. then we can pop back for them.

If you are a fan of Lamb, them make sure you head to Toby’s on a Sunday to try out this latest addition to the menu.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary meal in exchange for this post, as always all thought and opinions are my own


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