Sewing with ribbons – card craft

At the moment Emmy’s favourite game is spiders webs – basically this involves her wrapping ribbon, wool or cellotape around everything until she has made a huge mess spiders web.

This is played all day and every day at the moment as Nanny Knitting (given her name as she knits the kids lovely cardigan’s) found out this week when Emmy spun an almost complete ball of wool around her room, through door handles, under and over things until Nanny was left stuck on her bed with a sea of wool around her.

To save the mess used Ribbons we have in our craft box and made cards with them.

You will need:
Hole Punch
Ribbon or wool

First I folded the card in half and made hole around the edges of the card.

I then asked Emmy to choose the colour ribbon she wanted, I then thread one end through a hole and cellotaped onto the back/inside of the card.

Emmy then weaved the ribbon with a little help into the holes – she chose where she wanted it to go.

We used 2 colours for Emmy’s design.  I made one too just to show they can be as detailed or as abstract as you would like.

These would make nice Mother’s Day Cards.

What patterns or designs could you make?

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