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Quite typically in the run up to our holiday both children have developed really horrid colds – this always happens when we are planning something, someone always gets ill.  It was bad enough with just Emmy but now we have Harry too they pass things back and forth between each other.

Also to top it all off Harry has developed Conjunctivitis in both eyes for which we now have eye drops so hopefully that starts to clear up soon.

For their colds I have been using Sterimar Baby – this is a seawater nasal spray which is used for easing nasal congestion and blocked noses.  I have been using this on Harry when he wakes up and is really bunged up and before each feed to make feeding easier for him by unblocking his nose a little. 

It is made from the purest sea salt taken off the French coast in Brittany with no added additives or preservatives.  After using this spray Harry’s nose is left clear for a while as it cleanses his nose and loosens the snot which is obviously very helpful as he can’t blow his own nose.  It is also helpful with Emmy as she still hasn’t mastered blowing her own nose (although she isn’t very keen on the spray and runs and hides when she sees it). 

Paul has been using the adults version (congestion relief) to get rid of his cold, this is for anyone over the age of 3 and has a higher salt content than the baby version and works in exactly the same way – easing nasal congestion and washing away cold and flu germs before they take hold.

My other essential item this week is Vanish stain removal powder, It would seem that every one of Emmy’s white tops are all covered in Chocolate and food all down the sleeves.  She has developed a really annoying habit of wiping her mouth on her sleeves and maybe even more annoying is her wiping her nose down her sleeve.

We have fallen out so many times this week because I am getting really cross with her keep doing it – it doesn’t matter is I place a flannel on the table, wipes or even give her a tissue or hanky she still insists on doing it.  She then demands to get changed because her clothes are dirty….as if I didn’t have enough washing to do in the first place, now she changes 2-3 times a day all because she can not be bothered to wash her face (can you tell I’m annoyed with her). 

I have now taken to throwing in a capful of Vanish powder into every wash so I don’t miss any of the stains which range from Emmy’s dirty sleeves, my coffee stains and even Harry’s stained vests, or if they are really dried in stains I will soak them in the powder for a while.

Now thankfully I have a few tops of Emmy’s which I can pack for our holiday which are now stain free – for now!

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