Snow days means Snuggles and Disney.

I have to admit that I’m enjoying the snowy days but for different reasons to Paul who quite frankly has turned into a big kid with the snow. I’m enjoying it as it means an extra excuse for hot Chocolate with whipped Cream and snuggles on the sofa with Emmy under a blanket watching our favourite Disney movies.

Emmy has my love for all things Disney, she dresses up in her Disney Princess dresses, starts all stories with “Once Upon a time”, has tea parties with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and last night decided that her oversized Donald Duck had to go everywhere with her, even bed which was quite a squash.

Donald Duck

Emmy’s attention span when it comes to TV is hit and miss however with a Disney movie she will watch it from start to finish without moving.  So this week we have been snuggled warming from the Snowball fights and from sledging watching Dumbo on DVD which is this weeks favourite film, last week it was Cinderella.

We have also been chatting holidays and Emmy is determined that after this years holiday to Butlins that she wants to go and meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, luckily for now she is happy to browse pictures of when Mummy and Daddy went before we were married and watch the Movies however I’m sure this won’t last forever so we had better start saving and browsing holiday’s at Disney with Travel City Direct.

I know she would love to visit Disney World however there isn’t much point until Harry is old enough to enjoy it to – now I just need to put Emmy off talking about it again for a few more years.

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