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Cbeebies, Nick Jnr and the Disney channel seem to have taken hold of my TV during the day thanks to Emmy and when she goes to bed other than Eastenders which I record for myself then Paul has control of the remote so its then taken over by Storage Wars, Pawn Stars or equivalent.

So when Paul goes out I get to indulge in cooking shows, reality shows or chick flicks.  I can’t help it I’m a sucker for a good feel good film or even a weepy.

Warner Bros recently sent me a movie I knew Paul would have no intention of watching with me, so I did what any loving wife would do…I kicked him out to a friends so I could have the big screen, put Emmy to bed, grabbed a glass of wine, some chocolates and tissues and settled down with Harry and a blanket (the only way to enjoy a good movie in my opinion).

NOW IS GOOD is rated 12 and stars Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Irvine.

It is about a 17 year old girl called Tessa who is diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Tessa starts by having all the treatments offered to her by her doctors however they were making her feel so poorly and sick that she has decided rather controversially to stop with any treatment and let nature take its course.

It is then Tessa makes a list of all things she would like to do with her life before she dies.  Her list is made up of some experiences all teenagers take for granted at some point such as going to parties and staying out all night to losing her virginity, with extremes such as shop lifting, getting arrested and taking drugs, with a motto of “Live every moment, Love every minute”.

Tessa sets about completing her list with the help of her best friend Zoey. The film follows the highs and lows of Tessa’s illness, her relationship with her parents and younger brother and shows how they all deal with the illness and Tessa’s and her list.

While on a mission to complete the list she falls in love with Adam, which most definitely wasn’t one of the things she wanted to do.

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As you can imagine I needed my tissues by the end of the film however I cried less than I thought I would.  With a movie like this the ending is obvious, there is no surprise turnaround so you prepare yourself before watching, this is a feel good type of film – yes it’s sad however a brave young girl fulfilled her wishes and made her last month’s fun and exciting.

I enjoyed it and would happily watch again – any excuse to gain control of the TV and get peace and quiet is welcomed.

This DVD was released for sale on 21st January and can be briught for £12 from Amazon.

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