Tassimo…can I be persuaded to switch from Coffee?

There was only one thing on my birthday and Christmas list last year and that was a Tassimo machine.   I’ve wanted one for ages and finally my lovely husband listened and bought me one.
I’m a Costa Coffee fan so it was amazing to be able to make my own lattes from home at a fraction of the cost, the caramel and flavourer ones are my favourite.
I was recently sent some of the new Oreo hot chocolate pods along with some Tea to help show that Coffee machines aren’t just for coffee.
Was it turned to change from my usual drink of coffee?
Sadly not.


I was unfortunately disappointed by the Oreo chocolate. I’d seen friends fave about it but I found it rather bland and watery and quite frankly I just didn’t like it.
I had thought it maybe because I’d been drinking coffee from the machine so cleared it all out and flushed it through but it made no difference.


The English Breakfast tea tastes fine from the machine and means there is no faffing around waiting for the bag to be in the hot water from the correct amount of time and then removing it and finding somewhere to put that boiling hot teabag afterwards, I really can’t stand a drainer or saucer full of old teabags!  However I’m still not sure it would replace the teabags in this house as Paul is very fussy about the strength of his tea and this wasn’t strong enough for him.


I was also sent some Americano pods, I have tried these previously and just don’t like them at all – the taste is too strong and I’m really not at all keen on black coffee.

It was nice to try these out however I’m a Costa girl and I don’t think that will change, although I do actually really like the Cadburys hot chocolate made using the Tassimo, which is my favourite bedtime drink of choice.   #TassimoTester
Disclaimer: I was sent these pods to try in exchange for my honest opinion, all words and thoughts are my own.

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