Creating kids playlists I can tolerate!

Currently we have no stereo in our car, the code for it has been lost so we need to book it into the garage for them to remove the stereo, get the code, send it off and then find out our log in code – yes a complete pain in the ……
Anyway this means for longer journeys either Emmy sing’s Let it Go around a million and one times or even worse I sing!  I honestly don’t know which is worse?
Spotify on my phone is my saviour for these situations, it also works for shopping trips too.  Sadly the kids aren’t as happy listening to Robbie or Take That and want their own songs played.  This becomes a problem when they don’t like the same music or when they don’t like all the tracks on a CD. 
By using a FREE app on Spotify called My Songs it gives you clear list of categories to choose songs from:





After clicking on the category you can choose songs for under 5’s or over 5’s, this works well if you’ve different ages of children and they have their own playlists.
You can then choose which songs you want to add to your playlists and drag them easily across to your designated playlists.  Everything is currently on Emmy’s playlist however when they get older it will be handy to separate the lists out for Emmy and Harry have their own.
We now currently have a good mix of Frozen (has to be done), Pop music, TV theme tunes (ones I can tolerate), nursery rhymes and stories,
Car journeys are now bearable again and everyone is saved from my singing!

If you want to use this free app then click on app finder in your spotify account and scroll down to number 101 – you will see a huge yellow smiley face


Do your kids have their own playlists yet? 

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3 thoughts on “Creating kids playlists I can tolerate!

  1. We listen to the cbeebies cd,.and usually only from abadas to in the night garden so 5 songs over and over, great on a long journey! Not x

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