The joys of motherhood no one tells you

Half term is now over, a distant memory now.
We should be refreshed and brimming of the fun we’ve had, regailing tails of days out and adventures.
Den building,  bike rides, cinema trips, meet up with friends.
Lie-ins and late nights
Movies and popcorn
Crisps and sweets.
The fun we had planned

The homework diary which was to rival your friends
Roll on a week and what do we have?
Overflowing bins
The house is a mess
I think we left the house but it wasn’t much fun
Rushing round the supermarket grabbing medicines and nappies
Easy to eat food and lots of wipes and tissues
Half term is over and we’ve all been ill
Barely left the house
Buckets and duvets were the most fun we saw
Our adventures consisted of whether the next mad rush to the loo would be successful,  whether the next nappy will hold
What they don’t tell you about being a mum is that it’s not always glamorous or fun
It’s smelly and messy and more often than not it’s disgusting!
But you manage and you make the most of it
But my tips for getting through are:

Have enough bedding to change quickly in the night
Have buckets to hand (under your bed is really handy)

Never run out of :

Kitchen Roll
Toilet Roll
Super Noodles 
Tomato soup
Orange Squash
You’ll cope because you have to!!
That was our half term it consisted of a diarrhea bug for Harry which was never ending.  It went on so long it involved 2 doctors trips, 2 telephone consultations, 1 stool sample and around 6 jumbo sized packs of Pampers and 12 packs of wipes.
It lasted for a whopping 18 days! The poor boy was beside himself as were we. Then as quick as it came it left.
Phew the relief.
Short lived of course when I was struck down with a virus/flu,  doing something I think I’ve only done once before – I asked Paul to take a day off work to look after the kids. I took to bed and didn’t move all day.
In typical fashion Emmy was struck down that evening with it and together we suffered.
Paul had to work the next two days so TV was the parent for those days.  Sad but true.  You do what you have to do as a parent to get by.
As much as I hate the fact the TV was our saviour,  it went on first thing and stayed on.
Weak from his bug Harry was unable to do much, Emmy and I we unable to move so duvets and pillows and cuddles were the port of call.
Lots of fluids and hardly any foods, no one wanted to eat.

We struggled but we coped.
You have to as a parent don’t you?
My parents came over on Saturday to help and I took to bed as soon as Paul was home.
He was brilliant at looking after me and the kids.  Thank you hunny, and he also put up with my crying and whinging.
Life is tough when your a parent but when your a poorly parent with poorly kids it’s a whole new ball games.
We survived and are almost through the other side.
So if you’re wondering why I’ve been unusually quiet, this is why. We’ve been ill, it’s been shit.
I admit I’m a bad parent on occasions but the kids are in one piece still and the house is still standing… me that’s a WIN! 
Now if I could catch up with my emails and housework then I could relax just a little.
When’s Easter?

17 thoughts on “The joys of motherhood no one tells you

  1. It is horrible to go through a week like this. It is heartbreaking to see your little ones suffering and even worse when you are ill too. Hope you have fun this weekend to make up forit

  2. Sounds like you had a really rough week. Fingers crossed Spring is well and truly on the way and those Winter germs are gone!

  3. Love your essentials list – some great ones, but not sure about noodles and tomato soup. Hope everyone is on the mend now. You have had so much illness in the house the last 6 months or so.

  4. Oh no what a horrible way to come back to reality.

    Getting back to the swing of things after half term is tough enough anyway, sorry to hear you've all been ill. Hope you're all feeling better soon. x

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