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Postcards have come a long way over the years. They are still popular purchases for tourists who want to send something to their family members back home. Businesses use them to contact prospective and established customers, and to advertise their products and services. Cheap postcards can be bought in bulk and used by people who enter competitions regularly and for a number of other purposes.

Entering Competitions

Individuals who like to enter a lot of competitions can buy cheap postcards in bulk for use in competition entries. The postcards can be purchased in various bright colours that will stand out among the other entries. They can even be decorated with stickers and scrapbooking accessories to make them even more noticeable. Cards can be purchased in bulk online, and they are very reasonably priced. Postcards are very convenient for people who enter competitions regularly, because they don’t have to find a bit of paper every time they want to enter something, their postcards can be used solely for entering competitions!

Making Decorations

Young people looking for inexpensive ways to decorate university bedrooms or their very first homes may find that cheap postcards can provide an interesting way to bring colour and cheer to a drab room. They can be strung across a room on a brightly coloured cord, placed in attractive frames and hung on the wall or tacked on a large cork board. Some students use black and white postcards with red, orange, green or purple frames to decorate their rooms. Many small shops in university towns are known for selling trendy cards in various sizes.

Another popular use for postcards is to have them pressed on to coasters. They are usually covered with a clear, waterproof substance that protects them from being damaged once they are used on the coasters. The cards can be pictures of celebrities, world famous holiday destinations, cute animals, colourful gardens, tranquil coastal scenes or virtually anything else that an art lover might want to use to enhance a home.

Communicating with Customers

From doctors and dentist appointments, to other business engagements, postcards can be used as reminder notifications or to greet new and regular customers. Some business owners are changing from a memo system to a friendlier, more creative way to communicate with employees. They use colourful and creative postcards to let employees know about important meetings or to give them instructions. Hair and nail salons, spas and yoga studios also use them to notify customers about upcoming appointments, schedule changes and new classes.

Keeping Travel Journals

Some tourists do not post their postcards. Instead they keep them as souvenirs or reminders of the sites they saw on their holidays. Adventures during a trip through Europe or a trek across Australia can be creatively recorded by purchasing postcards at all of the most interesting sites. They can make beautiful photo albums, and tourists can get artistic with the albums by using scrapbooking materials as embellishments. They can also write about their trips next to each card in the album to tell the story of their once-in-a-lifetime journeys.

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