Then you were 9!

My Darling Emmy

It seems like only yesterday I was impatiently awaiting your arrival, it’s fitting that you were so late really as that’s what happens daily now. There is never any rush, you’ve all the time in the world – or so you like to think.

You have turned into a beautiful, intelligent and charming young lady but occasionally it would be nice if you lost the sass and remembered you are only 9 and not 19, please.

I love how you play so nicely with your toys and sometimes even let Harry join in, and I adore that your favourite thing in the whole wide world currently are your dolls, even if the new reborn ones do freak out your Daddy.  I was the same at your age and would play with my dolls for hours at a time – and I even asked for a Silver Cross proper pram for mine too, you may get one at some point but they aren’t cheap you know and your dolls one is perfect still.

You are super talented at drawing and have the most amazing imagination for storytelling, we will continue to work on your confidence as you really are very very good at these but always put yourself down. Hey, remember that story you made up for Centre Parcs as part of a campaign we worked together on – everyone thought it was wonderful and you got a headteachers award for that writing!

I can’t wait to see how excited you get when we book up your Horse riding lesson which was part of your birthday present, something you have been asking to do for such a long time…although I’m not sure how prepared I am when we both realise you adore it so much and want to carry on with lessons on a regular basis, my poor bank account, you’ll have to help by eating fewer sweets to help pay for them maybe.

Now you are 9 and turning into a mini tween right before my eyes, you’ve suddenly become aware of what you wear and won’t let me choose your clothes anymore, you love wearing jewellery and make-up but I do wish you would extend this new fashion faze to actually brushing your hair.

Your obsession with YouTube and YouTubers has become a tad much so I did know ‘Merch’ would make it onto your birthday list, but I had to draw the line and sorry you weren’t getting anything ‘Morgz’ branded. Gosh, he is super annoying!

Its very sweet that you wanted to launch your own YouTube channel, and super adorable how shy you become when your camera comes out – something we have to work on overcoming a little especially for your vlogs. I love your first 2 videos and am sure you will have lots of fun working on more, although it will take some getting used to watching you asking people to ‘hit the like button and subscribe’.

You are such a special and loving girl, gentle by nature and kind of heart.

I love you so much



Emmy would absolutely love it if you could subscribe to her YouTube channel and watch her videos.

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