Time for a change – moving around Emmy’s room

The other night while putting Emmy to bed I realised there was still a draft coming through her window, despite having resealed this only recently.
She keeps waking in the night and I’m sure the two things are related.
I planned a room reshuffle quickly in my head vaguely sizing out the furniture and room space/size.
I mentioned my plans to Paul in passing that night (who I’m sure though nothing of it really).
The following morning with a bee in my bonnet I set to work.
My first job was to clear as much as I could out of her room and into my own and the hall. For a little girl she has a lot of stuff!
Next was the hardest part of all.  I needed to remove the drawers and her desk.  I had no idea if this was actually even possible as they had been fitted there years before we moved in.
It took a very long time and a lot of huffing and puffing but I’m determined and got there in the end (over an hour and a half later. The screws were stuck tight and the desk had welded to the paint) 
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The room itself  had been redecorated only recently, I wrote about our project “Big Girls Room” while we were doing it and you can read those posts again if you would like:
When the desk and drawers were finally out this was moved into my room and the whole room hoovered.
I moved Emmy’s bed into this now empty space and gathered all the junk from under her bed and re hovered – just how much stuff had accumulated under that bed amazed me!
Next was rebuilding the drawers and desk. Sadly it had to be dismantled to get out of the space but luckily it was a LOT easier to put back together again. 
Then it was a case of shuffling her toys and other furniture.
Sadly her bedside table now doesn’t fit so a new one is on my shopping list.
A small table has been placed next to her bed to home her night light.
I would like to change her TV to one which fixes to the wall eventually and add a mirror to the wall and a chair so as she gets older she has a dressing table.
Also on my shopping list is a toy hammock for the hundreds of teddies she has accumulated and to shelve out her wardrobe to turn the wasted space into usable toy storage.
I really like it and think it looks more lived in and homely and now she spends a lot of time playing in her room – there is less floor space however it has created little nooks and the space is being used better I think.


I still need to paint the wall behind her bed and the missing carpet can be hidden with a new bedside table.

Before the reshuffle, Emmy’s bed was along the wall where the TV and dolls house now are, the desk in the space her bed is and all other furniture was around the edges of the room – she did has a lot of floor space but never played in her room.  She seems to like the little areas this has created for her even though the space isn’t as large any more.

18 thoughts on “Time for a change – moving around Emmy’s room

  1. Seems like so many of us ave been busy shuffling our homes around! Emmy's room is looking great. Well done – I know how much work changing like this take!

  2. I hate built in furniture, such a pain to move! Well done though it's looking great 🙂 Glad she likes the new arrangement!

  3. It is amazing how just rearranging a space gives it new energy and a completely new feeling. I used to love rearranging my bedroom furniture when I was a girl. I wish I had that energy now!

  4. That looks lovely – I really need to make a list of all the things I need to do, particularly with my little one's room. This is good inspiration, thank you!!

  5. It looks fab! We still need to finish the twins room. We moved into our first home, yay we no longer rent, and as they only went in to sleep its got left while we do other rooms. But now they're getting bigger it needs doing. We need to crack on! I bet Emmy is so pleased with her room x

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