‘Tis the season to eat and be merry #TescoChoc

Chocolate in this house never lasts very long and the nicer it is the quicker it disappears.
It’s rather hard to review this new chocolate from Tesco because it disappeared so quickly!
We were sent a Chokablok Santastic Cinnamon chocolate tree and Gingerbread stars.
These chocolates are made by the master chocolatiers behind Hotel Chocolat and Harrods, made using high quality ingredients and affordable they would make great stocking presents for Christmas.
The Gingerbread stars were our favourite,  I say our favourite but I actually only had 2, Emmy who hates Gingerbread decided to try a little bite……
1 bite led to half, then a smile and a cheeky look, then she disappeared under the table to finish HER chocolate,  I went to make a cuppa tea while it was quiet and the next time I saw the box it was empty.


For someone who HATES gingerbread she went through those rather quickly, for me they were almost too good to eat – just look how pretty they are! 

Tesco Gingerbread stars


Luckily for me she really doesn’t like Cinnamon but she did try the chocolate tree just incase she liked it – I was all set to disguise it however settled for hiding it in my bedroom. 

Do you think the disguise would have worked? No me either, however Emmy didn’t like it so it was mine, all mine!! (I did share with Harry, I promise)

Santastic Cinnamon


Sadly that was so lovely it also didn’t last long and I think I need to ask Santa to leave me some more yummy chocolate under my tree, I wouldn’t even mind if it wasn’t the same chocolate Santa – any of the new Tesco range will do and after all I have been good and they only cost between £4 and £20.
Thanks Tesco.


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