Top garden tips for all the family


is a great hobby for all of the family, no matter what your age.

great for getting
the kids outside in the summer and can help to give them a great
sense of pride and responsibility over what they have grown. For
older people, gardening is a great way to keep active in a relaxed
way, creating somewhere lovely for you to sit and rest when the
weather is good enough.

what you want to plant is obviously down to you, but here are some
great tips for choosing what to plant in your garden no matter how
old you are.


something you’ll eat

food is a really good idea. Children are more likely to eat foods
that they have grown themselves so it is a great way of getting fruit
and vegetables into their tummies, while for older people it’s a
great way to save money and turn your garden into a productive space.

top of this, growing something you’ll eat can
be a lot more satisfying than growing flowers – literally and
metaphorically!  Last year we grew our own tomatoes and then cooked them up for into a creamy chicken linguine with basil and home grown tomatoes dish.

Find out which plants will work best in your garden

you decide what you want to plant, it’s important to see if your
garden is suitable for it. Do you get enough sunlight or rain? Is the
soil right? Do you have enough protection from severe weather or
space for a greenhouse or potting shed? To prevent disappointment,
checking what you can grow is very important.

some low maintenance plants

you’re older and won’t be able to get out into your garden as
much, or if you have a young family and are very busy, it is
important to choose plants that you will actually be able to care
for. One great way to do this is by ensuring that the plants that you
buy are low maintenance, meaning that if you don’t get to look
after them everyday then no harm will be done.

Look at tools to help you

bending over is hard for you, there are plenty of tools available
that will help you to garden without having to do this. It’s simply
a case of doing a bit of research.

to help get kids interested in gardening, you could buy them their
own gardening gloves and equipment, making them more
likely to find it exciting. You could even combine the two and get
grandkids to help you with your gardening!

Take inspiration from experts

to enjoy gardens as a family is to go to an RHS Flower Show. If this
is something that you and your family would be interested in, follow
this link to view the inspiring McCarthy
and Stone RHS Garden
You might even find some inspiration for your own garden while you’re



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3 thoughts on “Top garden tips for all the family

  1. I love the idea of growing food and letting the kids do it, may get some salad and veg down them easier…..thanks for the tip x

  2. I love my garden and find gardening relaxing and satisfying, I have to say I'm a bit of a control freak as I like everything in it's right place in the garden but I have let the kids fill a trough with sunflower seeds and we are having a competition to see who's grows the fastest

    kirstyjfox [at] yahoo [dot] com

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