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As you know I have been on a huge mission to clean, clear, scrub and de-clutter my house while the kids are at school.


I’ve been working from room to room not only to spring clean the rooms but to clear them of unwanted, unused and old items.  It’s a tough job as I do have a large house and it is jam packed with far too many things.


I have been very good though – I’ve been emptying cupboards and wardrobes one by one, donating to charity, giving away to friends and binning the unusable bits and bobs.

I have so far gutted the kitchen, playroom, half the front room, both kids rooms and almost all of my room.


There have been 2 tip runs, 6 black bags of toys and clothes gone to charity and 4 black sacks of toys and clothes gone to friends.  I still need to picture and list things on ebay which I can sell like the baby carriers and buggies.


It feels good though.


Later on this month I will be trialling the brand new Bissell Powerglide cordless vacuum cleaner which is perfect timing as I’ve a new carpet for my stairs and landing being fitted very soon and I am desperate to keep it looking clean and nice – stairs are a bain of my life as i can’t hoover them in one go (well without an extention lead) and I find unplugging the hoover in and moving it upstairs again very annoying.  Having a cordless hoover I am hopping will make this all a lot easier for me.


Time will tell so watch this space.


In the mean time to help me keep up with my cleaning and to also possibly help you, Bissell have given me some of their top cleaning tips to share with you.


How to clean sponges, cleaning tips
Cleaning tips


What are your top cleaning tips?


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