Travelling with children and preparing for illnesses

Children's first aid kit and teddy

Having just returned from another family holiday it is safe to say that nothing ever goes without a hitch, no matter how prepared you think you are – travelling with children isn’t always easy.

The start to our holiday saw our new car not arriving in time so we hired a car, then the hire company closed early despite us being told a time to meet them to collect the car.  This then saw Paul having to get a Taxi to London City Airport to collect another as that was all they had available. They paid for the Taxi but meant we then had to return it here after our holiday – not the collection/drop off point 5 minutes from our house as planned.

Emmy also had a bad earache before we left, I’d taken her to the doctors only to be told it was viral and would get better on its own. Of course you can image what happened, two days into our holiday she was in a lot of pain and lost her hearing completely in that ear. Thankfully I expected it and was prepared – having been a Nanny for 14 years it is inbuilt that I always go anywhere fully prepared, in fact even at home I have planned ahead for emergencies.

Planning ahead when travelling anywhere with children is the key to an easier trip, whether it is in this country or abroad.  If you pre-empt what can go wrong and pack accordingly then you are ready to deal with whatever is thrown your way.

A recent post by Cheapflights discusses the health issues travellers may face when travelling and helps you to pack ready for them, these can be encountered when travelling with children in the UK or abroad.

I ALWAYS take Calpol with us where-ever we go.  It is guaranteed that if the kids do get poorly it will be in the middle of the night when you really don’t want to heading out to find pain relief, a mini first aid kit is also a MUST ready for those cuts and grazes.Children's first aid kit and teddy, travelling with children


I pack a change of clothes for both children and keep these to hand in the car (or in my hand luggage when I went abroad with the kids for work). This is in-case they are travel sick, have an accident or spill food/drink over themselves; there is nothing worse than being stuck in wet clothes.

I also have a travel potty in our car, carrier bags, wipes and a few pull-ups.  If we are stuck in a traffic jam the children may need the toilet and it isn’t always possible to pull over anywhere.

Toys are also packed for our journeys: Colouring books, pencils/crayons, favourite teddies, a few cars or play figures, tablets and earphones and books.  A few non-messy snacks are stashed into the kids bags too to avoid the ‘I’m hungry’ moments.

Emmy has recently developed travel sickness. I was always the same as a child and this hasn’t passed sadly so we both wear acupuncture bands and I carry mints to suck on as well as carrying water with me at all times and carrier bags just incase.

I do also ensure I take pain relief for us adults when we travel too – there have been a few occasions when a migraine has struck me down and quite frankly Calpol just doesn’t cut it however needs must at that time.  Now I make sure I am prepared.

What do you ensure you take with you when travelling with children? What do you not leave home without?

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