Untamed Raptor Dino Fingerlings Review

You’ve all seen the Wowwee Fingerlings Toys which went crazy over Christmas, they were on many children’s wish lists and of course as tends to happen with these MUST have toys they all sold out and were impossible to get hold of, bidding wars erupted on eBay and parents and kids went a little crazy to get hold of them.

Emmy was amongst these children who had to have one and I am forever grateful that I did manage to get hold of one before they started to sell out. She loved it and Harry was a little jealous but she wouldn’t share – that’s however not a problem any more as Wowwee have now released one he loves even more than his sisters money – the Raptor Dino is Harry’s new and best friend.

There are 4 different Raptor Dino’s to collect – including Blaze (Orange), Stealth (Green), Fury (Blue) and Razor (Purple).

These Dino’s fit perfectly on your finger – hence the name Fingerlings, but be careful as they aren’t as cute as they first look! Beware of their snapping jaws and gripping claws, these Untamed Velociraptors certainly aren’t cuddle creatures.

They will interact with you and can show affection but only once they have earned your trust.

The more you play they more they will interact, they will roar, hiss and chomp to help scare off your enemies.

Tame them by playing with them, stroke them, talk to them and if you have more than one let them interact together for even more fun.

In untamed mode, they will hiss and chomp at you or whoever is near, however play with them and tame them – if you dare – and they will, purr and be your best friend.

These interactive Dino’s react to touch, motion and sound and have over 40 different sounds and animations.

Harry loves scaring Emmy with his untamed Dino and secretly I think he will be sad when it’s no longer fierce and unfriendly – finally there is a toy almost as wild as he is!

The Untamed are available to buy from these shops: The Toy Shop, Smyths Toys and Argos  for a RRP of £16.99

Disclaimer: We received this product in exchange for this post


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