Valentine’s Chocs from Hotel Chocolat – Review

Paul and I aren’t very romantic – we used to be, I would always leave him a note by his bed when I left for work and a flask of hot tea for when he woke up and he would always hold open doors for me, pull out my chair and buy me dinner….then we got married and had kids and things change.  Now we are lucky if we remember to buy each other a card (we both forgot this Christmas) so I’m pretty sure Valentine’s will be the same as last year.

Last year we didn’t do anything or buy anything, I did get Emmy a bouquet of flowers though as I’m a lovely mummy soft touch.

This year all will be forgiven as I’ve already had a lovely Valentine’s surprise, the lovely, wonderful and darn right fantastic (see what happens when you send chocolates to my house!) peeps over at Hotel Chocolat surprised me with a special valentine’s gift – Open Your Heart To Me.

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The box says ” Open your HEART to me….Feel the rush of true love as our milk chocolate heart opens up to reveal the dreamy chocolates hidden inside”.

I actually didn’t have to open mine to see inside as it was broken on arrival, but chocolate isn’t for looking at it’s for eating so I really didn’t mind at all – it still made me happy to receive and do you know what I probably enjoyed it more.  Had it been intact I would have worried about breaking it as it looks too pretty – this way I dove straight it, and it did not disappoint..

The heart is a hollow delicious milk chocolate heart which is filled with 8 mini heart shaped chocolates all beautifully decorated.  There are 2 of each of the following:  Dark Mousse, Lemon Berry Tart, Strawberry Swoon and Caramel Praline.

Luckily for me Paul only really likes Dairy Milk so I was able to eat most of them myself, although I did begrudgingly lovingly share with Emmy and a friend.  The Strawberry Swoons were my favourite, while Emmy loved the milk chocolate heart.

Priced at £25 you really can’t go wrong with these and I would much rather have chocolates over flowers.  Hotel Chocolat have a wide range of Valentine’s Chocolates if you are stuck with what to by me – whoops, sorry, your loved one!

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