We’ve shaken up our wake up

If you read my post yesterday you will know we are stuck in a rut in the mornings and the kids tend to have cereal every morning for breakfast.
Obviously this isn’t a bad thing and I’m happy as long as they are eating BUT boy can it get boring!
As part of National Breakfast week Nestle are running a competition inviting you to ‘Shake Up Your Wake Up’


I let the kids take free reign in their concoctions this morning and this is what they came up with:
Emmy added Curiously Cinnamon &  Cookie Crisp to make hers and named it “Curiously Crispy
While Harry added Cookie Crisps & Cheerios to make his – being only two Emmy named his for his “Cheery Crisps
The kids enjoyed having a play around, annoyingly for me we ended up with about 10 bowls of mixed cereals where they kept trying different combinations and didn’t like them so started again after saying they had made them for me, luckily they didn’t get as far as adding the milk so I could re-box them again, shhhh don’t tell them, I said I had eaten them and they were delicious.
Do you end up eating the same breakfasts over and over again?
Disclaimer:  We received boxes of Nestle cereal to create our breakfasts.


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