A healthy ‘Hearty’ breakfast

Breakfasts in our household can be hit or miss, the kids are set in their ways and are happy with a bowl of cereals, Paul never eats it and I tend to skip it.
This isn’t great but mornings are rushed as we need to be out of the house by 8.30am to walk to school.  We do try to make more of an effort at the weekends though and have family time, the kids usually choose what they would like and Paul’s breakfast of choice on the weekend is a fry up. 
My favourite is grilled tomatoes on toast with scrambled eggs.
As part of a long standing relationship with the British Heart Foundation, Warburtons have changed the packaging on their wholemeal loaves to support the BHF’s Wear It Beat It campaign and 5p from the sale of every loaf will be donated to the BHF as part of it’s pledge to raise £1million to help keep British families hearts healthy
We were kindly sent a lovely hamper from Warburtons to help get our day off to a healthy start.  The kids have always turned their noses up at wholemeal bread when I have given it to them before so I was rather interested to see what they would make of it.
Harry and I started our day a little later so it was more a brunch than a breakfast, however he over slept and we needed to get Emmy to school.
He adores boiled eggs and didn’t even bat an eyelid at wholemeal bread infact he devoured it by dunking it into his egg.
He finished in record time and then wolfed down his strawberries, raspberries and banana. 
Not content with this he stole my breakfast of Ricotta & Avocado on toast – my friends say he is so like me and this just proves it as he loved it.
With my Dad having heart problems as well as other family members it is a concern of mine and having being diagnosed myself last year with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia I am actively trying to change our diets. 
We are now switching to wholemeal bread – me and Harry for everything as he has happily eaten it for sandwiches, Emmy isn’t keen on ‘brown bread sandwiches’ but she has happily eaten it toasted and that’s a good start!
Victoria Taylor, Senior Dietician at the BHF, comments: “Breakfast is a great opportunity for people to start the day well. There’s a job to be done in terms of helping parents see the importance of a good breakfast for themselves as well as their children. A nutritious meal doesn’t have to be a time consuming to prepare. Wholemeal toast, porridge or wholegrain cereals, low-fat yoghurt and fruit are all great options that are quick and easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by the whole family.”
With that in mind we have been thinking of quick and easy breakfasts which are not only healthy but filling too and we are going to try to move away from cereals every morning by trying:
  • Scrambled eggs on Wholemeal toast
  • Poached Eggs on Wholemeal toast
  • Weetabix with added fruit
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Sliced bananas on Wholemeal toast
  • Boiled eggs
I think these are quick enough to prepare even on a school day.

How do you start your mornings?

Disclaimer:  I received a breakfast hamper in exchange for this post.


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One thought on “A healthy ‘Hearty’ breakfast

  1. Have you tried making eggy bread with it? Its one of the ways I get mine eating wholemeal bread. I wish that spelt bread was more widely available as its much more easily digested and is really good for you, please warburtons can you start making spelt loaves???

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