Win £100 to spend with Frederick Thomas London in our Father’s Day competition!

To celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday 17th of June, I have teamed up with Frederick Thomas London to bring you a lovely new giveaway. One lucky reader will win a £100 voucher to spend online at

Who said Father’s Day ties needed to be boring and that sock’s can’t be fun?  If the Man/Father in your life is anything like my Husband then they will be extremely happy to receive socks as a gift – the washing machine monster has stolen all of his (that’s the ones that actually make it to the washing basket and aren’t sitting at the side of his bed dumped as always)

You could help to jazz up your Dad’s wardrobe with some fun dinosaur and skull print ties, or add a bit of texture with linen, knitted, tweed and wool ties.

Frederick Thomas London specialises in handmade ties, socks, cufflinks and other men’s fashion accessories. With an extensive range of styles and trends, they’ve got you covered for the office to weddings and special occasions and they even have some great bags so you can pack up ready for a weekend away in style.

As an extra special deal, Frederick Thomas London is also offering each reader a £10 voucher to spend at  Just enter the code FATHERSDAY20 at the checkout.

To be in with a chance of winning the £100 voucher, please fill in the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will close at Midnight on 12th June 2018. Good Luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition is open to UK residents, and you must be over 18 years of age to enter. The winner will be selected at random from all entries received by the closing date on 12 June 2018. Any entries after this date will not be considered. There is no cash alternative and no change given if the prize amount is not spent. There will be ONE winner and the prize is as specified. £10 voucher code for all readers expires 18 June 2018 and cannot be applied to existing promotions.


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129 thoughts on “Win £100 to spend with Frederick Thomas London in our Father’s Day competition!

  1. I only ever wear odd socks so it really doesn’t matter that socks goes missing I just open my drawer and take two socks out the odder the better!

  2. socks socks and more socks! I have a big draw full of odd socks that i cant bring myself to get rid of because im sure that i will find the pairs somewhere one day. really puzzles me where they disappear too

  3. I don’t think I can blame the washing machine. More likely to be me not making sure a pair of socks goes in, not just grabbing randomly and dropping oddments on the way downstairs.

  4. Definitely a monster in ours. You can guarantee that every time socks are washed, one will go missing.

  5. Socks! I always think it would make a good maths question
    If on every wash x% of socks will be lost and y% of these will be one of a pair and there are z washes a week how many socks do you needto buy to always have a pair

  6. My four year olds black school socks, you’d think with 20 of them we’d be able to find a pair in the morning when we’re in a rush.

  7. Without a doubt socks, i have a bag full of odds, i dont really know where they disappear to, i put two in and only one comes out

  8. My pillowcases go missing, how does the washing machine manage to hide them inside the duvet cover.

  9. Yes and I have a box full of odd socks. I can’t throw them away in case the monster brings them back!

  10. yes we have a sock eating Washing Machine Monster. he also likes to chew up tissues that have been left in pockets!!!

  11. Yes we have a washing machine, and a washing machine monster, it likes to steal my pants sometimes, and of course socks!

  12. Socks constantly go missing. Although now we have a puppy in the house, we can blame him for pinching them!!!

  13. Socks of course & some pants although they do seem to re-appear in the tumble dryer, or in the arms or legs of peoples clothes, usually when at the shop!

  14. Absolutely! its the pesky pads from inside your bra’s, The ones which are loose are a nightmare. So if you see a lady with…well just looking a bit lop sided that will be me!!! 😀 😀

  15. Yes we do have a washing machine monster and his favourite meal is socks and the occasional pair of underwear!

  16. We are forever losing socks, I’m certain that the washing machine must be eating them. Thanks for this lovely giveaway, there are some great things to choose from there.

  17. Yes! Socks, socks and more socks! I lose at least one sock every time I do an underwear wash! I would love to know where they go, lol

  18. i have a sock monster that lives inside my washing machine and also a monster that will shrink the best tops and new ones but leave all my old clothes intact lol x

  19. Yes we do, but I very recently read a great tip, and since, things have been working well! Socks go into a pillowcase in the washing machine. They seem to stay together! Hopefully I’ve cracked this one!

  20. We don’t have actual clothes go missing but did have an issue a few weeks ago when one of my colour catcher sheets got sucked into the filter – cue nasty noise and machine grinding to a halt. I now put the sheets in a mesh delicates bag to be on the safe side 😀

  21. definately socks! or my little ones just chuck them around everywhere so they dont actually make the washing machine lol x

  22. No luckily my machine is not greedy. Anything that goes missing has usually got left behind and never made it into the machine. I do get oddments in the filter – buttons, occasional coins and screws from my husbands pockets.

  23. Same as everyone else. Socks. How does the monster turn a matching pair into an odd pair? And where does the monster hide the missing ones?

  24. No, I have never had anything go missing although when we had to replace the brushes we found a handful of screws that Hubby had forgotten to take out of his pocket

  25. yes and its always socks i have given up and now were odds its more fun anyway hybby on the other hand will only wear matching socks

  26. socks, just crazy, I now only wear the same style and colour so that I can make pairs up from all the odd ones.

  27. Yes we definitely have a washing machine monster, and it prefers to take new socks rather than old worn out ones, especially my Disney socks!!

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