5 Benefits of Bedtime Stories

There is nothing nicer than reading to your children at night and watching their face light up at the thought of the princess finally finding their Prince Charming, and the nasty man completely disappearing from the universe. However, there are plenty of benefits to bedtime reading other than just enjoyment.

Joy Richards from Happy Beds explores some of the other reasons as to why we, as parents, should spend a little more time reading to our children at night.


  • It Increases Vocabulary


“The only voices your children normally hear are their parents’, teachers’ and friends’. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but by reading books, it gives your children the chance to hear uncommon and big words, that perhaps you wouldn’t use yourself during the day.”


  • It Cultivates Imagination


“If your child is hearing about princesses, dragons, mythical creatures and a knight in shining armour, then this will definitely improve your child’s imagination.

Reading fictional stories will stimulate their imagination and they will able to imagine these sorts of scenarios in the real world, encouraging great dreams and ambitions too. Plus, it will really help them when they go into big girl/boy school and need to start writing their own short stories.”


  • It Teaches Morals


“One of the greatest benefits from bed time stories is that it can really teach children life traits and morals. For example, Where the Wild Things Are, which is second on the list of the UK’s favourite book, will teach children not to judge people by their appearance.”


  • It Encourages Bonding


“If you have work commitments and you don’t feel like you’re getting to spend much time with your child, then night time storytelling, when your children are tucked up in their beds feeling relaxed, is a great way to encourage parent-child bonding.

“This is a nice way to end the day for both you and your child, and you won’t feel as guilty for not spending enough time with them as you’re getting bonus 1-on-1 time.”


  • It Helps Children Develop Self-Esteem


“There are thousands of fictional characters in books, each with different traits that makes them special and individual. It is important to get this message across to children from a young age and help develop their self-esteem.

“By identifying with these characters, children may be more comfortable with being a little different and will be able to express themselves from a young age.“

This post has been written in collaboration with Happy Beds; the UK’s fastest growing bed and mattress store and the UK’s only provider of the 100% recyclable cardboard bed.

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