5 tips on keeping those Winter bugs away

During the colder months of the year, it can feel like winter bugs, sickness, coughs, colds and flu is just a never-ending circle. If you have young children in the house, the problem only seems to get worse! So, if you want to avoid a nasty sickness bug in the run-up to Christmas then here are some handy hygiene tips that will hopefully keep the bugs at bay!


Clean, clean, clean

Cleaning your house doesn’t just mean vacuuming the carpet, or dusting down the skirting boards – check out this website if yours need replacing – it also means disinfecting things. Think about your light switches and the door handles in your home, and then think about how many times they are touched during the day. A cough, a sneeze, a snotty hand – it’s no wonder bugs and germs spread so quickly and easily. Try to take the time to disinfect things like handles, door knobs and switches as often as you can. If someone in the house is already ill, then do it at least once a day.


We all lead such busy lives, so it’s often quite difficult to get the recommended amount of sleep a night – which is currently advised as being seven. Not getting enough sleep leaves you more susceptible to coughs and colds, so try your best to really get a good night’s sleep. If there’s a TV show you’re desperate to watch that goes on past your bedtime, watch it during the day on catch up instead!

Keep exercising

The mornings are cold and dark and all we want to do is disappear under the duvet for another seven hours. But studies have shown that having a regular exercise routine can actually help keep the nasties at bay, as long as you stick to short intervals. In short: exercising boosts your immunity as long as you don’t overdo it! Of course, if you currently have a bad cold or other symptoms of illness, listen to your body and rest. If you have chest problems like a chesty cough avoid it altogether.

Go outdoors

It’s cold outside and the weather might be a bit rubbish, but on a dry day, you should really try to get outdoors and blow those cobwebs away. Being cooped up inside a germy house will simply allow the germs to spread even further. Heading outside will give your own immune system a boost and even give you a much-needed dose of Vitamin D, something which we’re all lacking during the darker months of the year.

Drink water

When we have a cold it’s normal to reach for those hot lemony drinks that supposedly help. While they might offer some relief from the symptoms, you still need to remember to drink plenty of water. H2O flushes out all those nasty toxins and bad bacteria, it’ll also help keep you hydrated and stop any nasty infections from taking hold. H20 is awash with health benefits, so go and get yourself a nice tall glass.

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One thought on “5 tips on keeping those Winter bugs away

  1. “Especially in winter, it’s important to deep clean, disinfect your house, and do it often.. I also try to clean handles and other things, even walls, under the carpet.
    I also think about breathing. That’s why I use different oils with my humidifier, try different diy nice smelling things 😀 In the evenings I usually light a candle.. In my opinion, it all helps..
    I also agree about exercising. Sure, it’s darker and colder in the mornings but you should do this. It will boost your immunity. I even sometimes go swimming to the nearest lake.”

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