Poopsie Unicorn review – A unicorn which poops slime

Poopsie Unicorn is the latest must-have toy on the market, it is actually a combination of two of the most popular trends currently – unicorns and slime, and it’s for this reason Emmy was jumping for joy when this arrived last week for us to try out ahead of Christmas – is it set to rival other Christmas top toys? Read our full Poopsie Unicorn review to see how it works, whether it lives up to the hype, troubleshooting tips and more.

What’s in the box?

This toy comes in numerous parts, almost like a jumbo-sized blind bag. The over-sized and brightly packaged box shows the 4 unicorns you can collect, just who is inside is a complete surprise and will only be revealed once you have unwrapped the packaging.

You pull from the top and unwrap the toy, as the packaging unwinds you will begin to find the numerous blind bags which contain all of the accessories and tools you’ll need to make your slime, including a diaper, t-shirt, unicorn magic, hairbrush, unicorn food, a spoon, measuring cup, a collectable keyring to store your finished slime and a very cute feeding bottle too. There is also a potty for your unicorn to sit on – this is where your slime will be pooped.

Once you have opened all of your blind bags you pull apart the plastic to reveal your unicorn – the 4 you can collect are Rainbow Brightstar, Oopsie Starlight, Whoopsie Doodle and Dazzle Darling. Emmy had Oopsie Starlight which comes with a very cute black t-shirt, think rock chick style, and a white diaper with gold diaper pin detailing on it.

Oopsie Starlight poopsie unicorn

Poopsie Unicorn review

How to use

You are advised to read the instructions well before you start trying to make your slime and I highly recommend you do, this is because they aren’t always clear and because there are lots of different steps it so it really is worth familiarising yourself with all the steps.

Next up is to cover your surface well, if you are like me you’ll completely ignore this step and think that doing it on the kitchen counter is sufficient, however, believe me – newspaper, kitchen roll or even a towel really will be your new best friend for this toy. Ours made a lot of mess which took a long time to clean up after. Sadly no matter what we tried the Poopsie Unicorn Leaks everywhere.

The next steps need careful checking: you have to turn the dial on the back of the unicorn to the feeding position (open up the back and make sure the hole from the neck is opened) and make sure the belly button is popped out.

Close the back up again and pour the shimmer into the inside part of the potty (this can be taken out for ease). You then want to feed this to your unicorn with the spoon – the spoon is actually a very clever design as when you pop it into the unicorn’s mouth it spins so the contents fall into the mouth/stomach. You then need to feed it 5ml of water in the same way.

Speed is needed for the next part – you have to empty a sachet of unicorn food into the drinks cup, fill with 25ml of water, screw the lid on and shake for a minute.

Next, you have to feed this to your friend via the straw, squeeze the cup a little to help the mixture out of the cup.

Switch the switch across on the back of the unicorn’s neck and then shake it from side to side or even make it cartwheel for around 15 seconds. Sit her on the potty, press her belly button and she will poop the slime onto the potty. You then have to wait 15/20 minutes for this to set a little, pour in half a sachet of unicorn magic and some sparkles and stir.

Does it work?

This set comes with enough sachets to make around 4 batches of slime, however, we managed to only get 1 good batch made sadly which considering this costs just under £50 really isn’t ideal at all.

After the first time, we turned to YouTube videos to see if we were doing something wrong. The first time it seems the switch hadn’t opened fully so the liquid was just falling out of its mouth. Once fully open it was a lot better but it did leak from the mouth a little, and every time we closed the back to cartwheel the unicorn it leaked everywhere.

When it did finish and pooped the slime onto the potty and after waiting for 20 minutes, we then added the magic – now the instructions say to add half a sachet but this still left our slime very runny so we had to add a whole sachet instead. The slime was still very sticky and runny but I found that by removing it from the potty and leaving it on the side in the air for around 10 minutes worked and we had an almost perfect slime to play with.

Troubleshooting and top tips

Can’t make the Poopsie Unicorn work? Poopsie Unicorn slime not working? Read below:

  • Open the back up to make sure the switches do fully close/open when needed
  • Cover all surfaces
  • Don’t put the nappy/diaper on to make the slime – the instructions say you can but it is hard to remove when needed and you can accidentally press the belly button before you are ready
  • Use a little less water in the feeding bottle
  • Add more unicorn magic if needed
  • If your slime is still runny leave it on the side for a little while
  • Tie your unicorns hair back before starting as it will get in the way

poopsie unicorn review

Overall thoughts

I had high hopes for this toy but sadly it disappointed. The unicorn is very cute indeed and perhaps if there were more slime making powders contained inside then we may have had more success once we worked out the kinks and tweaks which were needed.

We have seen YouTube videos where these worked very well – to me they seem a little hit and miss. The smaller kits are priced at £10 and while they don’t come with a unicorn to make the slime with, making the slime with these is far easier and worked better. I purchased 2 of these kits for Emmy when she was presented with a Gold Award at school for a treat. These are available from Smyths, Amazon, Argos and other good retailers.

Disclaimer: We received the Poopsie Unicorn for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Poopsie Unicorn review – A unicorn which poops slime

  1. It’s so refreshing to read SUCH an honest review and it is SO comprehensively written it provides brilliant tips and tricks for someone who does end up getting gifted one. You should do a youtube video too showing what may go wrong and the tips about pulling the hair back and not putting on the nappy too soon as it sounds like the other videos are blue sky and staged and not quite realistic. I wouldn’t be happy with only getting 4 sachets of slime and even more so that out of that you only got one batch. I have seen this product today as Rock n Roller Baby is at Dream Toys and I’ve been watching her stories xxxxxxxx
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