5 Tips to Cleaning Your New Cooktop

A Cooktop makes your kitchen to be more appealing. It makes you look forward towards preparing delicious meals even when you are already full. These modern cooktops feature a modern and sleek design that makes them utilize the little space that’s available in the kitchen. However, a dirty Cooktop can be very embarrassing. It can actually kill your desire to cook because you don’t want your hands to come into contact with the grime that builds from spillages. Cleaning a Cooktop is not as easy as we are made to believe. You have to be careful not to damage the glass panel. Below are tips that can guide you when cleaning your new cooktop.

1. Switch off the Cooktop

You should never try to clean the cooktop when it’s still turned on. This is because the heat will react with the cleaning agent and result in a stain that’s even harder to remove. You should actually give it time to cool off as you enjoy your meal. Once you are done with the meal, you should confirm that the top of the stove has cooled down by checking the heat indicator. However, you should never touch the top glass with bare hands because you might get burned if the cooktop still has some heat.

2. Use Homemade Cleaning Solutions

As stated earlier, cooktops are very delicate because they are made from glass material. You must therefore be careful with your choice of cleaning solutions. Some of them contain corrosive chemicals that can wear out the finish of the cooktop. You should also avoid using steel to scrub the glass surface because it will leave terrible scratch marks. In fact, you should use a piece of cloth because it’s more gentle. As for the cleaning agent, lemon juice mixed with water or vinegar is the best option.

3. Sprinkle the Cleaning Solution

The next step is to sprinkle the cleaning solution over the cooktop. You should not start wiping the stove surface right away because the cleaning solution takes time to penetrate deep into grime. For best results, it’s advisable you start wiping the glass surface after 5 minutes. Once you get started, you should wipe from the middle going outwards to the edges with a wet piece of cloth. If there is a thick stain that’s not coming off, you can use a knife to scratch it. You should also turn the glass top upside down so that you can clean the hood below.

4. Rinse with Clean Water
Once you have finished removing all the stains, you should rinse the cooktop with clean water. This will help in removing the soapy residue that normally results from scrubbing the surface with a cleaning agent. The cooktop should then be wiped with a clean piece of cloth. A damp piece of cloth is not recommended because it will leave some spots. A dry piece of cloth is much better due to the fact that it will absorb all the wetness that’s on the cooktop panel.

5. Always Wipe Spillages Immediately

If you want your cooktop to remain clean, you should make a habit of wiping spillages as soon as they happen. This helps in making sure that such spillages don’t become tough stains. In fact, such grime is easy to remove, so you won’t need to use any cleaning agent except a piece of cloth. Besides that, you should avoid placing stained pots on the surface of the cooktop because they will transfer the dirt to the glass surface.

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