5:2 diet follow up – Lighter Life Fasting Packs

lighter light fasting packs

I wrote about the start of my 5:2 journey with the help of the new Lighter Life fasting packs back in January, you can read that post here.

I’ll be honest with you while sticking mostly to the 5:2 I’ve been a little lapse – Why is it on a fasting day that the kids always decide they must have chip shop chips for dinner? or really need chocolate buttons?

Maybe it was because I wasn’t cooking for me that I may have found it easier to let them have their special treat days on those days as cooking always makes me feel hungry.

Anyway we are now in March, my trial of the Lighter Life Fasting Packs has finished and here’s how I found it.

Simply HARD

The fasting packs made it very easy to be honest, it was the retraining myself of this way of dieting.  To limit myself to only 500 calories twice a week took some getting used to.  Portion sizes are an issue for me.  I’m not really a sweet tooth kinda girl but an extra helping of mash potato gets me everytime.

It was easy to remember my shake in the morning or the porridge as those tasted nice, although I did have to add less water to the porridge than was suggested.

The soup was really tasty and I often wanted this on my normal eating days, however it was the main meal I struggled with.

I was sent the spaghetti Bolognese and Carbonara meals.  These you mix with water and microwave – I managed only 1 of each of these sachets during my trial.  They were powdery and tasteless and I would actually rather skip a meal than eat them, I have to be completely honest and say they were horrid.  No matter is I added the correct amount of water, less or more – they wouldn’t dissolve properly and that powdered consistency made me gag so I just couldn’t eat it at all.

I like the idea of the sachets as it takes the hard work out of the calorie counting for the day – had the taste been better I feel I may have stuck to this diet more than I have done.  These fasting packs are exclusive to Superdrug.

5:2 has worked for me however I feel it’s more to do with doing it on my own than using the packs as I’ve lost more weight since I stopped using them than while I was trialling them.

I started this journey at the start of January at 12 stone 9 lbs and today I braved the scales in Tesco and was pleasantly surprised.

It’s a BIG deal for me.

I am now under 12 stone!  OK only just at 11 stone 13.5 lbs but I am UNDER 12 STONE!!

I have celebrated today by sorting through my wardrobe.  4 bags of clothes have now been donated to charity all my size 16 clothes are gone – never to return, some of my larger size 14’s one too.

I’ve been walking loads this year, I have only driven the school run 4 times when I had to go out somewhere after.  Rain or shine I have been walking and I really enjoy it!

I will continue with my 5:2 journey but I will be doing it on my own – healthy eating all the way.

I’m grateful for the chance I had to trial these packs as it helped in the early days as calorie counting is very hard.  I’ve found using my Fitbug has helped as I can input my food diary into my computer and it tells you how much I’ve eaten (or about to eat and then I can choice whether to eat it or not)

I did’t use many of these sachet’s as I wasn’t keen on them, the powdery consistency was not for me – I much preferred to get a plate of steamed vegetables for dinner than a packet mix.  It’s far healthier too I’m sure to eat a plate of vegetables than something which comes from a packet!

Disclaimer:  I was sent a months worth of Lighter Life fasting packs to trial in return for an honest review.


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28 thoughts on “5:2 diet follow up – Lighter Life Fasting Packs

  1. I know how wonderful it feels to go into the next stone category so very well done 🙂 I tried the 5:2 diet for about a month and must say I won't be doing it again. I much prefer using slimming world, eating loads and still losing weight!

  2. Well done for your achievement! I remember how it felt to give away all the size 16-14 clothes, not really describable in words 🙂 Good luck for the rest of the way!

  3. It is great that you found something that gave you the boost that you needed but I agree with you that for long term weight loss that you don't put back on you have to work towards a healthy balanced diet with exercise. It is definitely not easy and I wish you lots of will power and determination x

  4. Yay well done!!! However I think that you're doing the right thing by eating healthy, I am not a fan of packet diets as when you do start to eat properly again it is hard on your body and digestive system. Fab news on getting rid of clothes that are too big, you'll be needing a new wardrobe soon 🙂 well done x

  5. Well done that's a fabulous achievement! I've just started walking POD to nursery every day to give my knackered pelvis some exercise! Should probably ease off on the wine though 🙂

  6. Congrats on hitting the under 12st. I need to get motivated and start again. I'm the heaviest I've been again since losing 2 stone before Christmas so really disgraceful, and now running out off fat clothes as I'd got rid of them all back then! #blogclub

  7. Congratulations! That's amazing and good for you getting rid of all those size 16 clothes, I think it's always great to have a good clear out and start fresh. x

  8. Well done! I've heard of Lighter Life – my friend had success with it. I have the opposite problem, can't keep weight on :S

  9. Well done!! I'm about to start the 5:2 diet on my own personal next week, hope I have good results like you!

  10. well done! but are these sachets are even healthy?! surely when you dieting technically you cant eat these kind of meal, its more vegs and meat and fruit..im happy for you that you have a result but think about your health as well or how all these powders may affect your health, like i said once to my sister and i will sy it again here- if it really worked we all would be skinny..

    1. I can't imagine they are at all – The taste put me off straight away which is why I rarely used them – only enough to form an opinion of them, then it was fruit and veg for me

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