My perfect mother’s day wardrobe

Mother’s day is pretty much like any other Sunday in this house.

Emmy won’t be making me a card or gift at School this year sadly as we go away on holiday next week so she will be missing a week of School – such a shame as I love her beautiful cards…and I’m not convinced Daddy will make one with her.

A nice meal is always lovely but I’ll have to cook that so it’s not the same, but it is nice to get the kids looking nice on the off chance that we go out somewhere as a surprise.

When I saw this competition on Baby Budgeting I knew I had to enter.  Becky has teamed up with Vertbaudet ( to offer a wonderful Mother’s Day prize.

It involves window shopping!  Now that I can do!

They have asked to choose a perfect Mother’s Day outfit for the kids.

Here is what I have chosen:

For Emmy

How cute is that dress? It’s just perfect for Emmy who loves dancing around in floaty party frocks while pretending to get married; teamed with pretty silver flowery sandals and a flowery braided hair band – all very Emmy!

For Harry:

Even if I don’t win this shirt, trousers and matching braces set will be jumping into my shopping basket – how adorable is that? I NEED it Harry NEEDS it! Teamed with cute summery canvas shoes I just LOVE this outfit.

This is my competition entry – If you want to enter you can do so here.

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