A fun filled day out at Butterfly World St Albans

I’m rather delayed in writing this post, life gets in the way and we have been having lots of family fun recently.
During the Easter holidays I took Emmy, Harry and my best friends two youngest Children for a fun filled day out at Butterfly World in St.Albans.
This is only half an hour’s drive from us yet we hadn’t been before so when Ffrees asked us to get involved in helping to find a fun family day out for under £20 we were definitely up for the challenge.
Now entry fees to Butterfly World for all of us would have normally been £24 (£7.50 for adults and £5.50 for children, with Harry being Free as he is under 3)  however I had been searching around and found that Groupon had an offer on for family tickets (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children) for £12.95.  It goes without saying that I took advantage of this offer.
We packed up a few treats and drinks with us and took our coats and Harry’s buggy to carry them all.  We arrived just after opening at 10am and having our printed ticket were able to walk through pretty quickly.
It was busy as it turned out to be a very hot day and it was the Easter holidays after all.
As it was a treat for the kids and as Emmy and Harry love spending time with their Cousins (they are my best friends children but we are so close we refer to each other as sisters) I let them lead the day, choosing where they wanted to go and what they wanted to see.  We had no time constraints or agenda and it made for a perfect day out.
Inside the butterfly greenhouse the children could get up close to the Butterflies, they fly around and can land on you.  This fascinated the kids and they spent ages trying to catch a Butterfly – this didn’t happen but it was amazing to see Harry being not only quiet but still too – this never happens.
It’s incredibly hot inside the greenhouse so we kept coming back throughout the day so as not to spend too long inside.  Emmy was rather annoyed that Butterflies were landing on other visitors and not her and her and my nephews kept trying to tick off the Butterflies they had seen with the ones in their activity books (the activity books were included in our entrance fee).
There is a lovely nature trail around Butterfly World with plants and flowers which encourage wildlife and of course Butterflies.
The kids spent ages in the lovely outdoor play areas.  There are a few different areas, small slides and a sandpit for younger children and big climbing frames and slides for the older ones.  Of course Harry spent his time with the older children but between Emmy, Max and Jamie they all helped him and looked after him amazingly, I only had to intervene when he was throwing sand around.
We spent ages just playing outside, running around and having loads of fun.
When it got very hot we went inside to the café for some lunch, of course you could keep the costs of the day out right down by bringing a picnic with you.
Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that it would be so hot so hadn’t put sun-cream on the kids so we went off in search of some shade in the Leaf Garden.  This is an area which is designed to make the children feel and look small.  Everything is over-sized.  To enter you walk through a giant flower pot, there are giant flower pots for the children to play in, giant gardening equipment such as gardening fork and even an over sized match-box.
We explored this area for over an hour, playing hide and seek, chase and just having fun.
There is loads to do here and we actually missed a few bits out as the kids were having too much fun outside.
We will definitely be back again in the Summer holiday if I manage to find another discount code which I’m sure I will. 
Disclaimer: Ffrees paid for our admission and we had a little left over for ice-creams. Ffrees is an online bank that encourages its customers to save money through its JamJar savings and cashback schemes.
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23 thoughts on “A fun filled day out at Butterfly World St Albans

  1. We have something like this near us, although it hasn't got anything like the Leaf Garden (that looks like lots of fun by the way). Your post has reminded me that we must go again soon.

  2. I do love butterflies and can't wait to visit a butterfly house with T. What a great price you got on your tickets with the groupon offer, I really must look for them myself.


  3. You have just reminded me that there is a lovely butterfly place near us that I really must go and visit. The Leaf Garden looks great fun in your photos, I love the giant flower pot they are playing inside.

  4. A bargain! We went to Butterfly World at Edinburgh today which we loved, but very jealous of the outdoor area at your one, it looks amazing! 🙂 xx

  5. Oh that looks like a fab place, I love the fact there is so much more than the butterflies (those flower pots look awesome), it is a shame when butterflies don't do what you want them to, especially when you're little 🙂

  6. Wow looks fab! even better that you got tickets for such a great price, shows it pas to shop around. Must have a look if there's something like this near us as Mini M would love it #countrykids

  7. This looks like such a fab day out and really cheap with everything that there is to do. I love the leaf garden idea!
    Popping over from #CountryKids
    Becky xx

  8. This looks like a fabulous day out – sadly our local one in the New Forest has closed down, although they did throw a wobbly when we did the small one in London zoo as they were worried about a butterfly landing on them

  9. What a bargain, it just shows that is pays to shop around. What a great looking place with the butterflies and some fantastic looking play things too. Those over sized planting bits made me smile. Thank you for sharing with me on country Kids.

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