A lifetime ban of Horrid Henry

I won’t lie. The summer holidays have been fun but tough too.
Being a WAHM in the holidays is like being the only actress performing in mission impossible,  playing all roles yourself and not very well, and many even half-heartedly.
After dinner times with my energy levels flagging and almost disappearing I’ve been bathing the kids and then allowing them to watch Netflix in my bed while I tackle the dishes and the tidying up in peace.
At the age of 5 Emmy can work this on her own now so she is in control of flicking through and finding a programme for her and Harry, she sometimes choose one and just watch a few episodes as they just roll on once one has finished.  Other times she will get bored and change to something else.  Netflix in my bedroom is played on our Roku stream stick so the control for this is very basic making changing programmes very easy.
I’m not sure if it is over tiredness or just a school holiday lack of routine which tends to slip in but the children’s behaviour has been questionable lately and I’ve reached the end of my tether.   There has been fighting, bickering, shouting and ignoring many things I have asked them to do and NO has been a favourite word.
It has been this which has led to me letting the children have some quiet time in my room watching TV, as a busy mum I admit to needing a little time to myself and this is my way of gaining 10 minutes peace and quiet.
A favourite programme during these calm down and unwind periods has been Horrid Henry,  I’d not paid much attention to it really.  It’s put on upstairs while I clear up in the evenings and I would then turn it off to read bedtime stories.
It was only when Emmy started calling her brother ‘worm’ and I questioned where that had come from did I sit and watch an episode or two.  I wish I has done this earlier as it is now banned for life!
Henry really is horrid and Emmy had been copying his behaviour, following things he had done on screen and generally being mean to her brother, and me which really isn’t like her.
Now I know some of this behavioural change has come about due to the loss of her Nanny, it’s still very raw for us all and she is struggling to express herself and her grief, however taking toys away from Harry, blaming him when she has broken something or lost it, and generally trying to get him into trouble isn’t expectable and I do think this is a copied behaviour.
I have now banned Emmy and Harry from watching Horrid Henry, it really isn’t a programme I think is suitable for them and definitely isn’t behaviour I would like to encourage.
I posted about this on my personal Facebook page and found that I am not the only parent to have this ban in place.
Annoyingly I have found that currently you can not block shows on Netflix so I do hope this is a feature which maybe rolled out soon as I just have to keep checking they’ve not put it on when I have left the room (they haven’t yet but I know they will). 
You are able to set parental controls for each profile so I have Emmy’s and Harry’s currently set for ‘Little Kids’ as opposed to ‘older kids’ and have ticked the under 12’s box – sadly for me Horrid Henry appears in the little kids selection so there isn’t anything I can physically do to stop it being played.
Are there programmes which you have now stopped your children from watching?
Disclaimer:  Although I am a member of the Netflix Streamteam, I have not been asked to write this post, it comes from sheer frustration and my hatred of this programme.

21 thoughts on “A lifetime ban of Horrid Henry

  1. My kids don't watch it, thankfully they have better taste. I've never really banned them from watching anything but kids can be influenced by what they see so it's good to keep an eye on them.

  2. We have never really watched the TV show in our house, but the books have been a favourite for a few years. I have never seen a negative response personally, but I suspect that is because Luke doesn't identify with the character, as he doesn't have younger siblings. I can see why it would cause problems where children are more able to 'act out' the scenes, particularly since there rarely seem to be consequences to Henry's actions!

  3. I've never seen this but it doesn't sound like one I would want my little sisters watching. If you don't think it's appropriate or causing bad behaviour you are spot on to take action. Stephen :o)

  4. My girls watch it and read the books but they're older and although they giggle at the humour I haven't had any fall out with their behaviour. When they were younger it wouldn't have been something I'd have let them watch.

  5. The bane of my life is some of the Shopkins Youtube videos which have some horrible "americanisms" (I hate saying that but it's true). Horrid Henry wasn't so much of a big deal for us, as CM thought it was funny rather than copying, but yes, I would definitely ban things which impact on behaviour, it's chicken and egg I appreciate as I know other things are a consideration- but if any aspect can be controlled for the better I think it should.

  6. I haven't watched it, but I will make sure I don't put it on for my boys now! We love Netflix, and I didn't know you could do parental controls on there! They only watch it with me around for now, but I know it won't be long

  7. Thanks for this; at the moment we keep the TV away from my under 2 and if I change my mind, I'll make sure I check out whatever program he watches first. There's already so much to feed children's imagination, a Horrid Henry type of program is definitely not needed. 🙁 #Facebook

  8. I have never lied HH either and banned the boys from both watching and reading it. I remember banning Ben10 when the boys were younger too. I also watch every movie before them to make sure it is suitable!

  9. We don't have Netflix, and I've never seen Horrid Henry, but I do keep an eye what my son watches. I think it's perfectly reasonable to restrict access to certain programmes if they cause bad behaviour or attitudes.

  10. Gosh I hate Horrid Henry. I try to watch everything my kids watch now to make sure I know what they are watching. Star Wars Rebels and Phineas & Ferb are the favourites at the minute which are both quite adventurous for them but without all the naughtiness!

  11. We have banned Horrid Henry as Olive (4) started calling everyone a poo poo nappy baby! However ?Charlie (8) does read the books and I will allow a sneaky watch whilst she's out. I think it's an age thing too. At 8 Moo can appreciate the humour and understands this behaviour is wrong and that in most occasions Henry is misunderstood. However at 4 Olive doesn't get this at all.

  12. I'm not sure Horrid Henry is suitable for five year olds. Henry's behaviour and those of the other children in it can be very mean. It's very difficult because you do trust TV programmes on children's channels to be fine to be able to put on and leave the kids to it.

  13. The kids can really pick up things from their shows. In our case, my daughter (a few years ago) was into the American TV shows like Hannah Montana and Sabrina the Teenage Witch and she started to adopt Americanisms like 'put it in the trash' and 'go to the bathroom'! Horrid Henry was not a show we watched much, so I don't know about the language and attitudes within it.

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