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As you know I’ve a large dog, a 3 year old and now a baby so keeping the house clean is rather difficult, especially in this weather where is it wet and muddy outside – we let the dog out into the garden and dry his paws when he comes in however he still leaves muddy paw prints everywhere.

It’s a complete pain to get the mop and bucket out every time this happens as it’s not always convenient or Emmy wants to ‘help’ so I end up with water everywhere and it’s messier than when I started.

Having recently tried and tested a Bissell Carpet Cleaner and freshened up all my carpets in time for Harry’s arrival – I have now been sent a Bissell Steam Mop to play with and try out.

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Setting up this steam mop was rather easy – Hubby tried to take charge but I wasn’t having it, I needed to see if it was woman friendly (or at least Clare friendly) and it was.  It was just a case of attaching the handle to the top of the main unit and screwing into place with 1 screw and then attaching the head to the bottom and screwing into place with 1 screw.  Job done – very easy!

To get started is also just as easy, remove the water tank, take off the stopper and fill with water.  Put the stopper back on and screw up tightly and replace the water tank.  There is a water filter with this machine which helps to purify tap water removing minerals and ions from the water.

Once plugged in it takes less than a minute to heat up and your ready to go and a good feature is that it can stand alone, great for when you need to move furniture around.

Make sure you have swept or hoovered the floor first and then to release the steam you press the blue lever which is located under the handle.  You then sweep across the floor as you would a broom and streaming hot water is released as long as you are pressing the lever – it will still mop without pressing so you can choose to concentrate the steam where you need it.  My house is messy due to the dog so I use steam for the whole of my floor.

Cleaning with steam means saving money too as you no longer need floor cleaning products so makes cleaning 100% chemical free.  Also cleaning with steam kills 99.9% germs and bacteria, perfect as Harry will start crawling in a few months.

Cleaning up spills quickly has now become so much easier – I now don’t need to grab the mop and bucket, add floor cleaner and wait for the water to heat up before cleaning, I just grab the stream mop and plug in, 30 seconds later the spill has gone.  Floors also dry much faster as you aren’t using as much water – around a minute or two after cleaning my floors they are dry again.

You can use this mop on ceramic tiles, vinyl, linoleum, marble, stone and sealed hard wood floors.  Winner of the Which? Best Buy priced at £69.99 this is great value.

I did have another brand steam mop however it wasn’t great, didn’t heat up as well and eventually stopped working – and it cost me more than this one did.

It comes with 2 deluxe microfiber pads meaning you can have one in the wash and use one which came in rather useful especially when dealing with the mess of a children’s party as I was last week.  It manged to effortless not only clean up the food and drink spillages of 16 children but tackled the bubble and foam mess after the disco in my front room (that’s what happens when the party entertainer is your brother in law).

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