Quick it’s Valentine’s tomorrow

I hope you haven’t forgotten?  I know Paul had…well he had at least forgotten that today is the 13th meaning Valentine’s is actually tomorrow.

I know this as he looked in the fridge tonight to see a Tesco’s finest meal deal which I had brought today for tomorrow’s dinner, we usually have steak, croquette potatoes and some type of champagne for special occasions but for £15 for a main course, side, desert and a bottle of Cava – all Tesco’s finest I really couldn’t resist today so will be having that for a change (Paul said “is that for Valentine’s?  I was planning on cooking I just forgot it was tomorrow”).

Who will be cooking in your house and what will you be having?

I have actually got Paul a gift as well, a personalised bottle of wine which I will give him at some point tomorrow, he is just about to walk the dog so I’m guessing that means a trip to Tesco’s to get my last minute gift.

I wonder how many other men will be doing the same tonight?  I actually saw quite a few today.

If you want a last minute winner then these Lindor Amour Heart Box chocolates by Lindt were definitely a hit with me.  Lindt have kept with their delicious velvety chocolates with a melt in your mouth middle and placed them into an adorable heart shaped box and have hidden a heart shaped chocolate into the box – made from the same delicious choc also with that classic melt in your mouth centre for £4.99 and 160g of indulgence you would surely make a loved one smile….and if they don’t like them just send them my way!

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Of course if anyone wants to woo me with any other Valentine’s day chocolates your more than welcome (I am a married women but will happily accept chocolates! in return for nothing), or of course flowers, perfume or doing the washing up are also welcomed.
Happy Valentine’s everyone, I hope your all spoilt rotten.

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