Butlins Bognor Regis Wave Hotel Review

Butlins Bognor Regis Wave Hotel Review

Over the summer we enjoyed an amazing time staying at Butlins Bognor Regis in the Wave Hotel. We had the most amazing holiday, this post will be focusing on our Butlins Bognor Regis Wave Hotel Review.

Butlins holds very special happy memories for us as it was the first place we took Harry on holiday as a baby all those years ago. We had such an amazing time it is still somewhere the children ask to visit and was actually where they chose to go instead of having a birthday party the following year.

Skipping a few years to fit in other family holidays we couldn’t wait to go back over the summer. We managed to cram SO much into 5 days that if I tried to fit it all into just one post, I would possibly have a cramp in my hands from typing and you’d have eye strain from it being too long so I am going to split into a couple of posts instead. It’s impossible not to have fun while staying here with the kids, you have everything you could possibly want: The great British Seaside on your doorstep, ice cream, a family pool the whole family can enjoy, a helter skelter and a funfair, food, drink and just down the road a lovely seaside town to visit. You can read more about the Butlins Entertainment in my post here.

This post will be about the accommodation

Wave hotel Butlins Bognor Regis

2 Bedroom Reef Apartment in the Wave Hotel.

Check-in is from 3 pm in the hotels at Butlins, this is earlier than the other accommodation on site however as like all other guests you are able to get onto site from 12 pm meaning you can make the most of your holiday by beginning the fun before you check in.

The Wave Hotel has its own entrance with is a minute drive around the corner from the main entrance, making sure you have your booking confirmation to hand means you can get in quickly, showing it upon arrival at the private car park barriers. There are plenty of spaces but come 3/4pm these fill up fast so I would advise arriving early if you can.

We arrived around 2 pm and went to check in, our room wasn’t yet ready but we did know this would likely be the case so left the luggage in the car. We were able to check in, get our passes and room card which would only activate at 3 when the room was ready.

Inside the hotel lobby, there is a bar which serves hot beverages, cold drinks, alcohol, and snacks. There is plenty of seating on non busy days i.e non-check in days.

There is also a games hub for the children to play in – here you will find the latest games consoles and games, all secured in place but ready for action. It is a large space, dimly lit equipped with bean bags for comfort. This area was open from 10 am until 6 pm daily and always busy throughout the week.

Our room was located on the 4th floor which could be accessed by the stairs (Emmy seemed to want to take the stairs all the time – I wasn’t as keen but it did help to top up my step targets so I didn’t complain) or the lifts (there are 4 lifts so never too much of a wait).

Ours was a 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony and a sea view.

Upon entering the hall you are greeted with a row of coat hooks and shoe storage, perfect for a family and certainly more than enough space for our bags, coats, welly boots and even the swimming bags too.

The master bedroom consists of a double bed with a feature night light above the bed (this is present in all bedrooms). There were 2 small wardrobes in the room, one each side of the bed. One was shelved out and the other for hanging clothes. Inside one was an iron and the ironing board was next to it (Emmy decided this MUST be my side of the bed as it had the iron – I have no idea where she got that from as I NEVER iron).

Wave hotel master bedroom Butlins

There was also a dressing table area with 2 shelves, a mirror, a hair dryer, and a stool. Light switches were at both sides of the bed meaning you didn’t have to get up to turn out the lights and each side had of the bed had its own reading light. There was also a large flat screen TV on the wall opposite the bed.

The sliding doors in the bedroom led outside to the wrap around balcony. Walking around the balcony led to the glass doors in the living room area.

In the children’s room, they had 2 single beds (they were disappointed not to have bunk beds and did sulk for a while – these are available in the rooms and the 3-bed apartments).

Wave Hotel Butlins Bognor Kids room

They also had 2 wardrobes, one each side of the bed – one shelved and one for hanging. The beds had the nightlights built into the headboards and they each had light switches next to each bed and a reading light. There was also a little bedside table between the two beds.

This room also had a dressing table with 2 shelves, a mirror, and a hairdryer.

The bathroom was a lovely large size with a large bath and a shower over the bath, a sink with ample space for storing all your toiletries as well as shelving behind the toilet for toiletries, clean towels, etc.

Because we stayed in an apartment there was a living room and kitchen/dining area which was all open plan.

Decorated in bright fresh colours with heavy accents of yellow throughout. There was a huge fish mural wall behind the L shaped sofa, a small flat screen TV on the wall and accessible HTMI and USB and AV ports making it easy to plug in your own devices – we took the Chromecast and by having these in front of the TV meat we didn’t forget to pack it up at the end of the holiday as we have been known to do before.

There are a table and 4 chairs in the dining area and in the kitchen you will find a fridge with a small top freezer box, a microwave, an oven and hob, a small dishwasher as well as a toaster, kettle, tea, and coffee making sachets and a small bottle of washing up liquid and 2 dishwasher tablets. The kitchen was also very well equipped with pots, pans, plates, cutlery, etc.

Please do watch our video for a walk around our hotel:

This made a very comfortable base for us all and by having separate rooms for the children, us adults were actually able to kick back, open a bottle of wine in the evening and watch a film in peace. I do find staying in the same room in hotels harder for long periods as we are often too worried about waking the children to turn on the TV at times.

The children loved having the extra space this apartment offered as they were able to play with their toys, racing cars around the floor, drawing at the table and watching the boats from the balcony.

Having the free Wi-Fi within the hotel did mean I was able to do a little work once the kids were in bed, they had just introduced a new login system for this and it was a little glitchy while we were there meaning sometimes I couldn’t log on which was a little frustrating.

Hotel guests are welcomed to visit the swimming pool an hour before other guests on one of the days, this day was Tuesday and we were able to swim 8.30-9.30am. This means the pool is much quieter and the queues for the water slides were less. Both Emmy and Harry discovered they LOVED water slides and would have spend all day on them if they had the chance.

Because we were so busy we didn’t visit the pool again but outside the hotel are water fountains which children are welcome to play in – mine loved running through and getting soaked before wrapping in towels and heading upstairs to their room to change.

One of the great things about staying in the hotel were the daily discoveries on our beds after housekeeping had been in. It was also so much fun seeing the amazing creations they came up with daily.

Disclaimer: We were guests of Butlins for our summer break, as always all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. This looks terrific. Love the bright design, all the space, and especially the fact that there’s loads of hooks and space for costs/swimming costumes etc – always drives me mad when places don’t have this! Those towel creations are brilliant too.

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