Emma Bridgewater Teapot

You have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Emma Bridgewater!

I have been lusting after her Polka Dot pottery range ever since I was in my last Nanny job – my old boss had the whole set, cups, milk jug, teapot and even the egg cups.  It was her favourite from the Emma Bridgewater range and fast became mine.

Emma Bridgewater pottery is beautiful and helps to add a beautiful look to any kitchen and is now helping to add the elegant touch to my kitchen, it is extremely well made to a very high quality  and I adore the hand painted design which is flawless – even the packaging is beautiful – what is not to love!

Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Teapot

All of the pottery is made and produced in the UK (Emma and her husband Matthew have been running their business and designing together since 1985) and is all hand decorated in their factory in Stoke-on-Trent.  I also really like the Pink Hearts range, you can see the full range of teapots here – what is your favourite?


Emma Bridgewater Factory
I would love to visit the Emma Bridgewater factory – it looks amazing (I would
have to leave the kids at home for obvious reasons)

Being a busy mum hot drinks are grabbed quickly, I never seem to be able to enjoy a hot one as something always comes up, except for on a Sunday lunchtime.  I let Paul lay in as he gets up early for work everyday and has an hour and a half commute into London on top of a full day.  When he wakes we have a lovely brunch all together, some times this will be a fry up and other times croissants or crumpets.  The important thing is we all sit down together as a family.  Whatever we eat there will always be lots of tea – and finally I get to drink a hot cuppa. 

Taking pride of place on the dining room table now is our new Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot teapot, this beautiful piece of pottery is now saving me having to keep getting up to refill our cups and has made me wonder just how we managed for so long without a teapot!

Do you have a special family time during the week? 

We love our special Sunday tradition, catching up on our week – Emmy joking around telling Daddy all about her School week, what we have been up to and usually refusing food as normal.  Harry making a mess with his food, adding it to his hair, face and clothes.  It’s nice to spend this small portion of our week together enjoying each others company, before the arguing and housework begins again.

Disclaimer:  We were sent our teapot for review purposes.

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  1. Yep we have Saturday morning just me and the girls having a lazy breakfast – daddy goes off to do sport… lovely not having to rush! Just love the teapot… drool!

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