Ending the summer with ice-cream treats

The summer holidays for us are almost over – we have another week and a half left and I am determined to make the most of it.
We headed into London yesterday for an event and then took some family time to wander around the Museum of Childhood, Emmy and I are heading off for the weekend to look after the children I used to Nanny for – they adore Emmy and it will be great to see them again, they’ve grown so much (I have to leave Harry at home with Paul as I am taking the kids to their weekend clubs and Harry would not be able to sit still through their swimming lessons etc – beside my big girls is heading off to full time school so I want to spend as much time as I can with her).
I’m planning another farm or seaside trip before school starts again and we will cram in more fun!
This weekend we’ve been having ice-cream fun.
We have been sent Waitrose vouchers to help create some Ice-Cream dreams.  Browsing the treats online I chose a selection for the kids to whip up some master pieces and then let them decide what to do with them.
Emmy took charge of creating both hers and Harry’s treats – basically that meant creating 2 bowls of treats she wanted in the hopes that Harry would either not like it or would save her some.
She wasn’t very taken on many of the treats I had chosen sadly so her puddings were made of things she loves.  Chocolate ice-cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles – a girl after my own heart.
We also halved the bananas and added lolly sticks, dipped them into chocolate sauce and added chocolate sprinkles.  Popped into the freezer and created some health (ish) lollies.
We also tried out a recipe I had seen shared on Facebook – freeze bananas (skin removed) for around 4 hours then add to a food processor and blend until smooth.  It was actually rather tasty – a kind of healthy banana ice-cream with no added extras.
Do your children have a favourite ice cream flavour or creation?
Emmy would eat chocolate ice-cream until it comes out of her ears.
For other tasty ice cream creations you can find them on the Waitrose website.


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