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As a parent I worry about the about of fruit, vegetables and fibre my children eat.  It is drummed into us that they should eat 5 potions of fruit and vegetables a day – that isn’t a problem in our household as both of mine love fruits and veg and would happily eat platefuls.
Fibre is a different matter, now I did start trying to get them to eat brown bread but it was no use they wouldn’t touch it so we went back to white.
Kingsmill asked me to swap our normal bread for their new Kingsmill Great White to see if the family noticed the difference – they definitely couldn’t tell!
Kingsmill Great White is  delicious soft white loaf which contains as much fibre as wholemeal bread.
Do you what?  It’s impossible to tell the difference – it tastes exactly the same as our usual Kingsmill loaf and now I can stop worrying about making sure the eat more fibre, the problem has been taken away from me as we eat lots of bread here anyway.
We were asked to create some fun and some healthy lunches for the family using this bread (unfortunately the challenge fell on an unusually busy weekend with us out of the house for most of it, but we tried our best).
Teddy and Car Cinnamon toast for breakfast – Harry especially likes this and it is SO easy to make.  Cut the bread into shapes using cookie cutters.  Break an egg into a bowl and mix with 1 tsp of cinnamon – mix together and then dip the bread into the mixture.  Lightly fry in a frying pan for around a minute on each side.
Emmy decorated the Teddies with eyes and noses and the cars were given wheels using raisins.
Mickey Mouse Pizza toast – another of the children’s favourites.  Toast the bread in the toaster and then cut out the desired shape.  Spread tomato puree onto the toast, top with cheese and decorate – we used sausage for the eyes and tomato for the nose – then grill until the cheese has melted.
Enjoy while it’s hot – but not too hot!
Children’s prawn cocktail – Harry loves prawns and likes to feel grown up by having his own dip – I make my own seafood sauce by mixing equal parts of tomato sauce and salad cream together.  By adding this into an egg cup Harry can dip his own prawns and I know he can’t make too much mess!
Of course we have also included our family favourites of cheese sandwiches (Daddy’s favourite), Marmite (Emmy’s favourite), smoked salmon and cream cheese (my favourite) and a mixture of all of those (Harry’s favourite).
Disclaimer:  I was sent supermarket vouchers to but the ingredients for this post.


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9 thoughts on “Food Fun #KingsmillGreatWhite

  1. I usually don't like the Kingsmill white bread but like the half and half so I'd be interested to see whether I liked this new white loaf 🙂 x

    Natalie Gillham

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