Giveaway: Win a Large Box of Loom Bands

I know, I know
I’m now your best friend ever…you’ve always wanted more of these in your hoover/bin/house.
They arent for you though they are for the kids.
I also don’t believe for a minute the kids have forgotten about them yet so stop hiding then on top of the fridge and embrace them.
We love loom bands here.
They’ve been everything from brackets,  to belts, to weapons (darn kids) and even pencil grippers and handcuffs (first time I’ve had a hot cuppa coffee for a while….I may or not be joking).
We’ve been looking through our Loom Band book for further inspiration and next on our list is a Tiara then maybe an animal or two.  OK I may love them just as much as Emmy but it’s so very hard not to!
If you’re like me and can’t resist trying just another pattern then enter our latest giveaway, the prize has kindly been donated by Hobbycraft and comes from one of many Loom Band kits they have available for sale.
This giveaway will end at Midnight on 29th November 2014.

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UK entrant’s only
Good luck.

129 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Large Box of Loom Bands

  1. mself *cough cough* i mean my step daughter..

    i end up using them as hairbands in my littlies hair! trying to put up 3 year old & 18 month olds shiny hair is a pain, these bands grip brilliantly!

  2. I'd give this prize to my local animal shelter which is making up children's hampers to auction to raise funds for their animals. The animals win and the children win: good result.

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